All Woke Up: College re-education camps

The University of Texas-Austin is back in the business of developing “education” materials that teach white 4-year-olds that they are racists.

And taxpayers are paying for it.

According to the College Fix, UT-Austin recently  restarted the GoKar program, which develops critical race theory training materials for 4- and 5-year-olds who are white.

This $100,000 program, funded directly by university administration — and by extension taxpayer dollars — is more radical leftist indoctrination being pushed into public schools.

As UT-Austin Finance Professor Richard Lowery notes, the program is explicitly motivated by the ideas of Robin DiAngelo, who makes statements such as: “Raising white children to be white is a form of child abuse.”

“Sadly, the faculty and administrators have successfully hidden behind a misunderstanding and abuse of the concept of academic freedom to defend the program and continue its funding without facing accountability for its content,” Lowery wrote in a piece published in the College Fix.

It’s not education; it’s indoctrination. And indoctrination isn’t academic freedom.

“The diversion of state resources to political advocacy through bureaucratic means, with extreme resistance to outside monitoring or oversight by the democratically elected branches of government, is not an exercise in academic freedom but instead a grave threat to the free exchange of ideas,” Lowery wrote.

The professor has effectively described the modern university. In Woke Land, the free exchange of ideas is racism. College campuses have become re-education camps, not places of learning.

Read more at the College Fix.

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