All Woke Up: ‘Legal vote’ is racist.

Empower Wisconsin | Nov. 12, 2020

The so-called “antiracist” professor teaching racism has declared that the call to “count every legal vote” is racist. 

Boston University’s Ibram Kendi, author of “How to Be An Antiracist,” jumped on Twitter last weekend to compare what he sees as the racism of “legal vote’ to other terms the painfully woke believe are racist, such as “illegal alien,” “personal responsibility” and “race neutral.” 

Kendi insists the “historical and political context” makes the terms racist.

So, just in case you’re scoring along on your Woke scorecard, the desire to have free and fair elections, to oppose the counting of invalid ballots, is a racist principle. Just like taking personal responsibility as an illegal alien not to vote would not be considered a race neutral statement to the prophets of the dogma of antiracism. 

Remember, Kendi is the same “intellectual” who determined Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is a “colonizer,” as is any white person who adopts black children.

Read more at The College Fix. 

For a much saner point of view than Kendi’s, read what he’d probably call you a racist for reading: Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James’ column, Count Every Legal Vote — No More, No Less.

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