All Woke Up: Microsoft’s ‘wokeness’ editor

Empower Wisconsin | Jan. 18,  2022

If you thought autocorrect turning your F-bombs into ducks is annoying, prepare to be irritated by Microsoft’s wokeness editor.

As reports, the software suite calls out your writing for being non-inclusive or containing offensive language.

“In the same way a spellchecker looks for typos and grammar mistakes, this inclusivity editor, available to Microsoft 365 subscribers, scans your work for inappropriate terms,” the site reports.

The feature highlights when you’ve used words or phrases containing age bias, cultural bias, sexual orientation bias, gender bias, racial bias, as well as gender-specific language.

Typing “blacklist” will get you flagged. And don’t even think about using the word “master.” Microsoft’s woke checker advises against gender-specific language like “postman,” suggesting instead the generic “postal worker.” Same goes for “mankind,” which should be replaced with “humankind,” according to the politically correct program.

It’s software’s version of the city of San Francisco.

Microsoft hired “native speakers and linguistic experts” in 20 languages to determine which “inclusiveness critiques” would be unwelcome in certain markets.

Microsoft says the goal isn’t to “correct all of society’s issues” but to make people consider more inclusive ways of writing, according to Gizmodo.

It’s just more re-education brought to you by woke corporate America.

To the woke tech giant we offer this autocorrected statement: Duck you.

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3 responses to “All Woke Up: Microsoft’s ‘wokeness’ editor”

  1. Harold Wilkes Avatar
    Harold Wilkes

    I see a career opportunity here…removing MicroCrap from computers as a specialty.

  2. Emme Avatar

    Shades of 1984 or more like the black cloud of 1984. Manipulate language – manipulate minds.
    Is that why I’ve seen pregnant person (as opposed to woman) and that person referred to as “them” the new inclusive singular pronoun (but so wrong.)

  3. David Krantz Avatar
    David Krantz

    So, apparently, there really is no need for CRT to be taught in person in schools – the computer does it anyway. The PC (“personal computer”) is now PC (“politically correct”).

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