All Woke Up: Pandemic no match for politically correct police


Empower Wisconsin | March 26, 2020

As coronavirus cases in California topped 3,160 Wednesday, with at least 67 related deaths, the state’s higher education system’s top priority apparently was warning students and staff not to refer to the deadly pandemic as the “Chinese virus.” 

The University of California System has released guidance from its Council of Chief Diversity Officers. 

“Equity & Inclusion during COVID-19” admonishes students, faculty and administrators “not to use terms such as ‘Chinese Virus’ or other terms which cast either intentional or unintentional projections of hatred toward Asian communities…” 

More so, the Diversity Squad demands that those connected to the UC “not allow use of these terms by others.” Just how they intend to enforce their PC laws on “others” is unknown. 

Such guidance comes despite the fact that COVID-19 originated in the city of Wuhan in the People’s Republic of China in December. The self-righteous mainstream news media  referred to the disease as the “Wuhan virus” until they found they could accuse President Trump of being a “racist” for using the same descriptor. 

What we’ve learned in this health crisis is that a pandemic is no match for the lunacy of the perpetually aggrieved and painfully woke. 

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