All Woke Up: The woke devouring the woke

Empower Wisconsin | Oct. 10, 2022

MADISON — How many times have we seen the woke devouring the woke? The painfully politically correct trapped in their own rules of wokeism, like a Venus flytrap?

Case in point, McFarland School District Equity Coordinator Anne Nichols. Or, more accurately, former Equity Coordinator.

Nichols resigned last week after admitting she used the “N-word” in front of students. She explained in her resignation letter that she was merely attempting to address a concern that a student had used the racial slur. But Nichols said the word, and in the zero tolerance/zero thought DEI world that she helped to create, there are no mitigating factors.

“While I immediately recognized my mistake and apologized, I acknowledge the impact that hearing this word can have,” the Equity coordinator said, dying on her woke sword.

Nichols, who has pushed the full Critical Race Theory/antiracism agenda in the woke suburban Madison school district, claims that in her 33 years of education she has “never used a racial slur against a student or any other human being.”

No Excuses! No forbearance.

Just ask Marlon Anderson, a black security guard at West High School in Madison fired in 2019.

“Short story….I get called a [email protected]# @ss Ni€€A by a student, I responded do ‘not call me ni€€a !’ And I got fired,” Marlon Anderson wrote in a Facebook post on 16 October.

Nichols is white.

Anderson eventually got his job back after students and parents still capable of rational thought came to his defense. If Nichols is saved, it probably won’t be by the diversity drones she has dictated the rules to in McFarland.

Interestingly, her brother-in-law is Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, who has preached the gospel of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion over his tenure. He is also the first African American district attorney in Wisconsin history. He’s allowed a lot of guilty and violent people to roam free in the name of liberal politics, but not even the woke DA may be able to save his excommunicated sister-in-law.

That’s what happens when the tolerance crowd makes zero tolerance policies.

The woke devouring the woke.

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