All Woke Up: Woke Evers silent on 3-year-old trans ed

Empower Wisconsin | Sept. 15, 2022

Few woke wannabes compare to the wokeness of Gov. Tony Evers. The Democrat has spent much of his time in office bowing to and pushing the radical left “diversity, equity and inclusion” agenda.

Now, the former superintendent of Wisconsin’s public education system refuses to say whether he supports  the state Department of Public Instruction’s promotion of transgender video resources and suggested reading explicitly aimed at preschoolers.

According to the Daily Caller:

(T)he government-sanctioned gender resources for preschool students stem from a guide titled “Resources for Gender Expansive Preschoolers.” The guide includes a litany of resources for children aged three to five, including videos that discuss transgender ideology. One video tells the story of a biological girl whose parents transitioned her to a boy. Another video encouraged parents to allow young boys to dress as Wonder Woman for Halloween.

A third video in the resource guide informs children that parents who question whether it is appropriate for young children to learn about gender ideology in public schools are “trolls.”

The Caller contacted Evers’ office about the report and asked if the governor believes taxpayer dollars should be used to promote the video show “AMAZE,” which creates sex education content crafted specifically for kids. AMAZE advocates teaching children and adolescents about sexuality and gender identity, according to the organization’s website. The Caller also asked if Evers supports DPI’s promotion of  transgender video resources.

Evers’ office would not comment, despite multiple inquiries and a deadline.

Evers’ office won’t comment because a lot of parents — parents who vote — are sick of the radical sexualized agenda forced on their elementary school kids by an out-of-control public indoctrination system. The governor, in a nearly neck-and-neck race for re-election, doesn’t want to say he supports transgender education for 3-year-olds. At least not before Election Day.

Wisconsin has slogged through nearly four long years of this insufferable nonsense, with Evers leading the woke parade.

In the Land of the Woke, Evers is king of the village idiots.

Read more at The Daily Caller.

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    R. H. Barlow

    I’m from a time & place where everybody hates everybody, although it never rubbed off on me. When & where I live now is no different in that regard. One thing that has changed: Instead of having four eyes, geeks have six. It’s from looking at cellphones and computers too much. Anyway, right now I must start a “go along to get along” phase. It shouldn’t be for more than a month. I think I’ll blend in and earn others’ trust if I hate Democrats — or at least pretend to. I don’t want to sound like an alarm. I want my talk to sound something like a rusty sewing-machine. But I need material, something really dark and upsetting. It doesn’t to be true, or course. Any suggestions?

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