All Woke Up: Woke’s taxing idea of racism

Empower Wisconsin  | Aug. 19, 2020 

If you really want to show your commitment to the left’s idea of “anti-racism,” keep sending your kids to public schools. At least that’s how a couple of woke University of Minnesota professors see it. 

Forget that so many public schools are failing. Forget that in Wisconsin, only four in 10 K-12 students can read, write and solve math problems at a proficient level. 

Abby Rombalski and Carleton College’s Anita Chikkatur, both professors of education, insist that white parents who send their kids to private or charter schools are only hurting public schools. Certainly hurting their cash cow.  

“White America owes Black students a large educational debt,” Rombalski and Chikkatur insist in So you white privileged parents better make sure you keep your kids in failing public schools and you better damn well be voting “yes” on any and all property tax increases, according to the professors. 

Who are these fine thought leaders? 

As the College Fix notes Rombalski and Chikkatur are members of a far-left organization called the Education for Liberation Network, whose goal is to be a political force in the state of Minnesota to contend with the status quo of colonial education that prioritizes Eurocentric curricula, predominantly white educators and administrators, and a persistent attack on the power of communities to be self-determined.”

Minnesota tax dollars at work. 

Read more at the College Fix. 

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