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  • Rittenhouse hopes to expose Twitter censorship campaign

    By Jeffrey Clark, Fox News Kyle Rittenhouse said he was hopeful that what he described as Twitter’s censorship campaign against…

  • PowerUp: Grothman on Biden’s school lunch shakedown

    Empower Wisconsin  | July 21, 2022 MADISON — The Biden administration is now playing the role of school bully, taking…

  • PowerUp: A Conversation with the Wall Street Journal’s Paul Gigot

    Paul Gigot and his newspaper helped shine a national spotlight on one of the darkest chapters in Wisconsin’s history.

  • Power Up Podcast with Ron Johnson

    U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says the constitution, our republic, is in peril. To learn why, listen to our conversation with Wisconsin’s senior senator on this edition of the Power Up podcast.

  • Shooting down the 80% lie

    Gov. Tony Evers and his liberal allies have repeatedly pointed to a Marquette University Law School Poll that showed 80 percent of Wisconsin voters support more gun-restriction laws.

  • Dental therapist offer remedy for oral care shortage

    More than 1.2 million Wisconsinites live in dental care shortage areas. Children, seniors, veterans and the disabled are among the populations most likely to lack access.

  • Segregation now Woke at Syracuse

    So much for Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. Syracuse University students are now so woke they’re championing segregation.

  • Will Evers sign bill ending Miller Park tax?

    It’s been a long time coming, but the bill to end the long-standing, five-county Miller Park sales tax is heading to the governor’s desk.

  • Evers governing by regulation

    Lawmakers on a powerful oversight committee are preparing for a potential “flood” of new rules and regs pushed by the regulation-friendly Evers Administration. 

  • Dems, unions hold trade agreement hostage

    Here’s a bad deal. Congressional Democrats, foot-dragging on anything that would give President Donald Trump a political victory, could make their vote for Trump’s United State-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) contingent on a taxpayer-funded bailout of private union pension plans.