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  • PowerUp Podcast: Sen Chris Kapenga on Evers’ choice

    Sen. Kapenga is our guest on today’s edition of PowerUp, Empower Wisconsin’s podcast. 

  • Trapped in Evers’ unemployment disaster

    Like thousands of other Wisconsin workers displaced because of the pandemic and government lockdowns, Letzia has been stuck in a bureaucratic nightmare.

  • Cuomo’s deadly COVID coverup

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo lied about the number of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes due to his inadequate leadership and policy that sent infected patients into care facilities during the pandemic.

  • Will 4th-grade teacher be disciplined for anti-Trump lesson?

    The employment status of an Oconto Falls Elementary School teacher caught on video last week giving his students a lesson in Trump hating remained unclear Tuesday afternoon. 

  • Evers’ vaccine fiasco drags Wisconsin down

    The Evers administration continues to stumble and bumble its way through COVID-19 vaccine distribution, with the Badger State ranking 46th in doses administered.  

  • Public school monopoly continues to fail black kids

    School choice is the vehicle which will drive our nation’s poorest and most violent neighborhoods into peace and prosperity, which is why we celebrate this week as National School Choice Week.

  • Tool of the Week: Joe Biden the false ‘unifier’ 

    Joe Biden infused themes of “unity” throughout his Inaugural speech. Without unity, the new president said, “there is no peace, only bitterness and fury.” 

  • Biden’s privilege police

    Susan Rice is leading the Biden administration’s campaign to determine who is privileged in America and who isn’t. The administration will determine who gets a job and who doesn’t. Who gets a contract and who doesn’t. Who gets to go to college and who doesn’t. 

  • One step closer to ending Evers’ power grab

    The Republican-controlled Senate on Tuesday passed a joint resolution  that aims to end Gov. Tony Evers’ endless emergency declaration and his statewide mask mandate. 

  • No consequences for hate-spewing UW prof

    How do you receive the Chancellor’s Inclusive Excellence Award at the University of Wisconsin-Madison? Apparently by tweeting “F!*k You” to every lawmaker cosponsoring the Senate Joint Resolution to end Gov. Tony Evers’ endless emergency declarations and statewide mask mandate.