Barnes’ carbon footprint Climate Change Report


By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — How many trees did they kill to make Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes’ fancy climate change report?

Barnes this week proudly released the 116-page Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change Report — electronically and in booklet form.

It’s a real page turner.

And don’t worry. “The report was printed on paper with post-consumer recycled content and other sustainably harvested materials,”  the task force proudly proclaims. They like to suggest that no trees — or the environment — were harmed in the making of this report, but they really can’t make that claim.

The publication is filled with the kind of extreme environmentalism that has marked Gov. Tony Evers’ administration. Barnes, who chairs the task force and has globe-trotted off to climate alarmist conferences, needs some kind of achievement on his lackluster resume as Evers’ second in command. The task force and its pre-determined report may strengthen his credentials with the far left, but it won’t do much for average Wisconsinites who aren’t crazy about the idea of massive job loss and significantly higher energy bills.

“Through my work and travels as Lieutenant Governor, I have witnessed firsthand the impacts the climate crisis is having on our communities, our health, and our economy,” Barnes says in a press release.

His travels, of course, are via taxpayer-funded security that have chauffeured him around in gas-guzzling vehicles. The jet that flew him to Madrid for the 2019 United Nations’ Conference on Climate Change left a carbon footprint, too.

But the lieutenant governor isn’t going to let the “gravity of this crisis paralyze him.” He and his task force are more than glad to scare the hell out of you, though, with all kinds of terrifying rhetoric about the end of life as we know it by the time you finish reading the hefty report. And now that Evers, Barnes and their left-wing allies have played COVID for nearly all of its political worth, they can re-focus on good, old climate change paranoia.

In their world, which isn’t encumbered by reality, Wisconsin will meet the Evers administration’s “goal of 100% carbon-free energy by 2050, while improving the state’s economy and environment, diversifying the resources used to meet the state’s energy needs, and generating family-supporting jobs.”

And they’ll start by chewing up a lot of trees and a fair amount of tax dollars to tell you the climate is on fire. How much does all this task forcing and report printing cost you? Barnes and his staff don’t say.

It may take them a while. Empower Wisconsin is still waiting on communications and drafts that could shed light on how Barnes and the task force assembled the report — and who all was behind it. That open records request went out more than two months ago.

We’re not asking for paper records. We’ve requested all docs be sent electronically. That way we can help Wisconsin’s political answer to Captain Planet save us all from climate change.

“Please remember to recycle.”

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