Barnes compares conservatives to Putin

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — When he’s not being chauffeured around by the Wisconsin State Patrol, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes is comparing conservatives to Russian President/thug Vladimir Putin.

In a podcast last month, Barnes — part-time lieutenant governor, full-time Democrat campaigner for the U.S. Senate seat held by incumbent Republican Ron Johnson — accused “regressive individuals” who don’t support leftist “equity” and climate change alarmist movements of being like the despot whose armies invaded Ukraine.

Barnes told “Black Like Me” with Dr. Alex Gee that the people on the “losing side” of civil rights battles “don’t automatically assimilate. They carry those grievances.” All the way to the Jan. 6, 2021 riots at the U.S. Capitol, according to Barnes

“They are more savvy. And also on the other end of that too, we saw January 6, a little more militant as well in their approach. So with that being said, we can’t just rest and assume that things are just fine,”  Barnes pontificated.

“I mean, you can even compare it to what is going on in Russia. Vladimir Putin, his dissatisfaction, his frustration of the fall of the Soviet Empire is the main point in his aggression in trying to take over Ukraine, a former Soviet Region. So with that being said, it is the same frame of mind that so many people have when it comes to other social issues. Even, people can even look at same-sex marragie and say ‘oh well, yeah, it is solved. Okay, next thing.’ But we see all these attacks on LBGTQ youth across the country.”

In other words, Barnes and his allies on the left mean to keep pushing a radical agenda that an overwhelming majority of Americans don’t agree with. And for not agreeing, they will be likened to genocidal tyrants like Putin.

The host of the show, Alexander Gee, is CEO of Madison’s Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development, leads the Center for Black Excellence & Culture, and is a pastor and life coach. His center just got a $5 million grant from Barnes’ boss, Gov. Tony Evers, who has been richly rewarding his political allies with his campaign slush fund of billions in federal COVID aid.

Gee’s podcast, according to Gee, features current events like the Black Lives Matter movement, racial unrest, and “what makes a trustworthy white ally.”

He’s a big believer in the leftist ideas that the United States of America was built on white supremacy and remains a white supremacist nation.

“People have been trained to think certain people are less intelligent, less capable, that we begin to carry out those laws that no longer exist, therefore we still associated things to skin color,” Gee told WKOW in June 2020 amid the “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter protests that swept through Madison, Milwaukee, Kenosha and many U.S. cities.

“Black Like Me” guests have included Dane County Judge Everett Mitchell, former NFL player Terrell Fletcher, and U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

During the interview, Gee asked Barnes, “How do you keep your head screwed on tight when you are watching things happening in plain sight that we really did think were put to rest? I’m talking about specific things when it comes to the civil rights of black people and people of color. How do you keep your head just focused when you see that we are moving backwards in terms of civil rights?”

History books, Barnes said, before launching into his screed comparing what Gee might consider untrustworthy white allies to Russian war mongers.

“And that stuff is still so deeply ingrained in the psyche of a lot of these regressive individuals and they are not going to rest, they are not going to let up. They have only regrouped, changed strategies, gone on to law school, furthered their education, they become a little more…a little more….articulate. To use your word,” he told Gee.

More divisive rhetoric from a lieutenant governor and wannabe U.S. senator who has spent his brief and unimpressive political career sowing the seeds of division.

Listen to the podcast here.

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10 responses to “Barnes compares conservatives to Putin”

  1. Harry Avatar

    Barnes: Equity is one sided, Equality is for all people. Climate change? I wonder if he has seen where this ranks in the top 20 issues in this country, He hates and wants to eliminate ICE so apparently he wants open borders, which will hurt Black Americans more than anybody, Why would he support that?
    New green Deal? Since nobody supporting that will answer, maybe he can answer, What is plan B? because buying an electric car which most can’t afford still takes electricity! So if everybody is forced to drive an EV which adds more electricity. Wind and solar which will never supply the power this country needs to run on! Maybe with the third world moves Biden has made explains it as all business will be gone. And we won’t need electricity?

  2. Emme Avatar

    So Mr. Barnes (who had to clean up his bachelor degree (awarded in 2020) by some magic) who majored in that heavy duty course of study – Communications – performance feels by the strength of his intellect or something should be a U.S.Senator. Mr. Barnes never had a real job always at some publically funded trough. Did you ever ask Planned Parenthood why they primarily target Black women for abortion. One third of their abortions – though Blacks make up 13% of population. Also, what about content of character? A la Dr. King. You are a fraud and your puppeteers tell you what to say.

  3. Robert Avatar

    Marxist/Soviet Russia is a closer fit to Barnes’ ideology and outcome of that ideology. They have government-provided healthcare in Russia.

  4. Gene Avatar

    In some cases if the black Americans don’t want to be looked down on then maybe they should have some pride in themselves and get some ambition. Some are very good Americans and very productive. There are also an awful lot of white Americans that aren’t ambitious and productive.

  5. biff Avatar

    Ship that SOB to cuba or Venz where that commie belongs

  6. Martha Avatar

    Hey Barnes – look at your believes and the nonsense you push and you will see Putin’ look in the mirror and you will see Putin starring back at you

  7. gene Avatar

    It seems that the Obama administration has split this country. Things surely got worse diring his time as president. Anytime you disagree with the left, you are a racist with racist thoughts. Black Lives Matter, why don’t all lives matter? There are whites and blacks that could use some more motovation.

  8. Harry Avatar

    No sense in commenting when you get censured! With NO reason or explanation of any kind.

  9. gene Avatar

    raceHe is the real racist. They blame and accuse the right for things that they are doing. There are a lot of good African American people, and there are a bunch of unmotovated white people.

  10. biff Avatar

    that B needs a date with a lion at the zoo

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