Bernie’s another coronavirus victim

Empower Wisconsin | April 9, 2020

Here’s all you really need to know about the death of Bernie Sanders’ Democratic socialist campaign for president:

“U.S. equity markets surged Wednesday with the S&P 500 exiting its bear market as Sen. Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign,” 

Sure, climbing oil prices helped. But investors cheered — and bought — because they know that even a pandemic is nowhere near as devastating as a presidential candidate committed to killing capitalism. So, Bernie and the bear left the stage Wednesday, each departure leaving free marketeers to breathe a little easier. 

Not that the Democrat’s presumptive candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, presents a calming presence for U.S. workers and job creators — or for anyone who has heard him speak on the campaign trail. Biden just isn’t that into the growing socialist plank of his party. 

Neither, it seems, are Democrats in general. The Bernie Sanders/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wing is not as impressive as the far left likes to think it is. 

“Few would deny that over the course of the past five years, our movement has won the idealogical struggle,” Sanders told his supporters Wednesday as he bowed out. Many of the usual suspects in political punditry argued the same. 

But has Bernie’s socialist movement really won? 

National Review’s Theodore Kupfer doesn’t think so.

“That may have been a reasonable thing to say after 2016, when Sanders notched a series of stunning wins in midwestern states while making real inroads among young voters of all races, but it doesn’t fit the evidence we have now, four years later,” he wrote in a piece headlined, “Bernie’s ‘Revolution’ changed less than his supporters would like to think.” 

“The rationale for Sanders’s 2020 campaign — that he could secure massive turnout among young people and the pan-ethnic working class by pitching a quasi-revolutionary message, while also mounting a challenge to Donald Trump’s claim to low-education white voters — has proven to be delusional. And while he may have gotten his rivals to embrace versions of some of his signature proposals, the Democratic Party is undergoing a long-term shift that does not bode well for his brand of politics.”

The problem for Bernie of late just might be this: The COVID-19 outbreak and the government lockdowns that have ensued have given the American people an up-close and personal view of what Venezuela, Cuba and other socialist-communist nations look like every day — without the coronavirus. Empty store shelves. Limited supplies. “Non-essential” businesses closed at the whim of a government order. Centers of faith shut down. Travel bans. Cramped, crowded, inadequate health care. 

Americans can sacrifice some things during times of emergency, but they aren’t ready to abandon the freedoms they’ve come to expect in exchange for a nutty old guy’s vision of centralized government control. They’re watching that vision play out now in real-time, and they don’t much care for it.

Bernie Sanders’ “revolutionary” dream is the latest casualty of the coronavirus. May it ever rest in peace. 

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  1. Harold Wilkes Avatar
    Harold Wilkes

    I’m sorry Barney dropped out, not because I’d vote for him, but because I’d hoped he would split the ticket and run as an Independent crushing Biden’s chances. Beware the “ghost” behind Biden – the candidate you see is not the one on the ballot.

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