Bias check: Green Bay reporter tweeted, ‘we train our anger on Republicans’

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — Natalie Eilbert, the Green Bay Press-Gazette’s new “Government Watchdog” reporter, has opened up an all-out assault on conservative lawmakers, particularly state Rep. Shae Sortwell (R-Gibson).

Her “political hit job” reporting, as a Brown County law enforcement official described it, should come as little surprise from a young reporter who has posted her hatred and disgust for Republicans on social networks.

Eilbert has hit Sortwell especially hard in recent days, with a screaming headline “investigation” reporting that Sortwell had been referred to the Brown County District Attorney’s Office — before he joined the Legislature  — on felony child abuse allegations. The District Attorney’s Office passed on filing charges.

The intrepid reporter followed up with a piece attacking Sortwell for restricting comments on his Facebook account.

It is interesting that Eilbert has removed many of her most politically biased rants from her social network accounts. But some things online don’t disappear.

“Longfuckingsigh 2020 … We need to support each other as we train our anger at the Republicans…”, Eilbert, who fancies herself a poet, tweeted on Feb. 5, 2020. That was the day the U.S. Senate acquitted President Donald Trump of the first impeachment charges against him. She expressed her antipathy for Republicans nearly a year and a half before signing on as government watchdog for the Gannett-owned newspaper.

In December 2018, as the Republican-controlled Wisconsin state Legislature was voting to rein in the power of the executive branch before liberal Tony Evers took over as governor, Eilbert tweeted her biased thoughts on the so-called “lame duck session.”

“This is all being done because Republicans want ‘an equal amount of power at the table,’” she tweeted, referring to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ comments at the time. “This is the craziest fucking story of corruption and power I’ve heard in quite some time. We want CHANGE so badly and we got change; they want power so badly they don’t give a fuck about what we need to survive.”

This is the person the Green Bay Press-Gazette — part of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, USA Today Network newspaper chain —  hired to provide unbiased and objective government watchdog reporting.

In another post the same day, Eilbert retweeted a New York Times story, adding, “The news of Wisconsin should be blasted. It is so unbelievably scary.” The Times piece stated, “The legislation was aimed at undermining Democrats. There would be a new limit on early voting, which tends to benefit Democratic candidates, after an election that saw record-breaking turnout.”

Eilbert has gone on to report on Republican-led Legislature’s investigations into voter integrity concerns surrounding the November 2020 presidential election, alongside that beacon of impartiality, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Patrick Marley. The Journal Sentinel’s coverage has been highly critical of the probes.

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6 responses to “Bias check: Green Bay reporter tweeted, ‘we train our anger on Republicans’”

  1. dad29 Avatar

    This is the person the Green Bay Press-Gazette — part of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, USA Today Network newspaper chain — hired to provide unbiased and objective government watchdog reporting.

    No they didn’t. They hired her to do EXACTLY what she’s doing.

  2. Emme Avatar

    No one reads the bought and paid for Wisconsin rags except maybe Democrats. Ignore her ignore them. Interesting that the Milwaukee rag would not give criminal backgrounds of the people Kyle Rittenhouse shot one a convicted sex offender Joseph Rosenbaum who raped young boys served a long sentence and still couldnt keep it together and was on probation for life. Huber domestic violence etc, and Grosskreutz a general screw up with drug charges. But Milwaukee papers holier than thou excuse for not reporting this info smacks of their typical lefty hypocrisy. Yeah no credibility

  3. Harold Wilkes Avatar
    Harold Wilkes

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes—who will guard the guards themselves?

  4. Jerry Zopp Avatar
    Jerry Zopp


  5. jerry Avatar

    Reply to dad29, “Yup!”

  6. Anon Avatar

    Natalie is a horrible person, a liar, and a *thief.* She is also a mentally ill narcissist who most likely has borderline personality disorder and displays her histrionics online for the world to see. It’s all performative virtue signaling; she is pathetic. Once she got this job, she made her Instagram private. Want to know why? Because she will post photos of herself scantily clad lounging on her bed talking about how “attractive” she is for her age. If you scroll through her Twitter post history, she’ll go from posting selfies begging people to tell her she is “hot,” and then the next day she’ll post about being depressed and wishing she was dead. She is TOTALLY unstable and the publication never should have hired her.

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