Biden’s Georgia speech was ’stupid, divisive and full of lies’

By Miranda Devine, New York Post

The devil went down to Georgia and came back a lame duck.

Joe Biden’s angry speech in the Peach State on Tuesday about so-called “voting rights” was stupid, divisive and full of lies, and it also exposed his impotence.

Inflation has hit a 40-year high, store shelves are empty, COVID numbers are at record levels with tests in scarce supply, violent crime is surging in blue cities and millions of illegal immigrants are still pouring over the southern border.

Distract the peasants

But all this flailing president can do in the face of cascading, mainly self-inflicted, crises is to gin up a fake political controversy to distract the peasants he imagines are out there hanging on his every word.

The man elected to unite the country coughed, shouted, lied, said “y’all,” and railed obsessively against Donald Trump.

“I’m tired of being quiet!” he yelled.

All he has left is to demonize as “domestic enemies” millions of Americans who oppose the Democrats’ cynical plan to federalize elections, ban voter ID, legalize ballot harvesting and ensure they never lose another election.

On the Senate floor Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell crisply summed up Biden’s “rant.”

“He shouted that if you disagree with him, you’re George Wallace … If you don’t pass the laws he wants, you’re Bull Connor, and if you oppose giving Democrats untrammeled, one-party control of the country, well, you’re Jefferson Davis.”

No matter how much fury Biden was prepared to unleash at a tiny audience of black college students in Atlanta, it didn’t impress Stacey Abrams, Democratic royalty in Georgia, or any of her fellow voting rights activists who saw right through the ruse and boycotted his speech.

Abrams didn’t even bother to come up with a face-saving excuse for the president. Instead, she humiliated him with a flippant “scheduling conflict,” which just put his dwindling power in neon lights.

Too busy for the POTUS? Was she washing her hair? Rearranging her sock drawer?

“He understands scheduling conflicts and how they appear in your life,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters.

No one believes this malarkey, but Biden served it up anyway, with a side serving of nasty to the reporter who asked about the insult of Abrams’ no-show.

“I’m insulted that you asked the question,” he growled. “We have a great relationship. We got our scheduling mixed up … We’re all on the same page and everything’s fine.”

In other words, as with most Biden pronouncements, the opposite is the case.

31 lies

In an excoriating article on Substack, black activist Shaun King last year laid out 31 blatant lies Biden has told about his “work” in the civil rights movement since the early 1970s.

“It’s the equivalent of stolen valor,” writes King, exposing Biden’s fraudulent claims of being at protests and sit-ins in Delaware and even pretending he “was raised in the black church.”

In Georgia, Biden recited the usual egregious deceptions from liberal activists about the state’s election laws, which are far more relaxed than those in, say, Delaware. He also claimed that Trump voted by mail from the Oval Office in 2020, when he actually voted in person in West Palm Beach.

“Let the majority prevail” thundered Biden, who then said he would get “rid of the filibuster” if a majority in the Senate did not vote for the Dems’ voting rights bill.

The legislation is doomed. Like the president.

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  1. Harry Avatar

    And to think Biden was their top pick, bets of the best, Top notch, Number 1, leader of leaders. What a joke!

  2. Harold Wilkes Avatar
    Harold Wilkes

    “stupid, divisive and full of lies”…are we in re-run season? Biden is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the country, a moldy oldy, not a golden one.

  3. Gerald Marquardt Avatar
    Gerald Marquardt

    How many lies did Trump tell us, more lies than anyone could count, every time the moron opened his pie hole, every time!!!!! I never heard anything said about That, you republicans need to work with the democrats instead of fighting and arguing with each other!!!

  4. gene Avatar

    He has lied for years. It’s time for him to step down. OOHH how I wish President Trump were back.

  5. Gerald Marquardt Avatar
    Gerald Marquardt

    Trump was the biggest and worse president this Country ever had to deal with, talk about an embarrassing human being, how soon you forget!!!!!

  6. Gerald Marquardt Avatar
    Gerald Marquardt

    You must have forgotten about Donny the biggest embarrassing president Trump and his lies every time he opened his pie hole, he killed thousands of people with his quick response to the Democrat hoax, he is the biggest con man this side of the Mississippi!!!!!¡

  7. Allan Avatar

    Very appropriate that Biden makes the comparisons to George Wallace, Bull Conner and Jefferson Davis. They were all Democrats!

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