Brooks, ‘progressive justice’ on trial this fall

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — Darrell Brooks Jr. is accused of murdering six people and injuring scores more last November when police say he drove his SUV through Waukesha’s Christmas parade. So disrupting his pre-trial proceedings Friday morning shouldn’t have come as much of a shock to anyone who’s followed the case.

For Patti Logsdon, whose granddaughter Samantha was critically injured in the massacre, it was all just a show by a career violent criminal who has shown no signs of remorse.

Logsdon, a Milwaukee County Board supervisor, said she and her daughter, Melissa Coello, Samantha’s mother, believe Brooks’ outbursts that led to his removal from a Waukesha County courtroom “was all an act.”

“We believe he was doing it to try to show he was mentally incompetent,” Logsdon told Empower Wisconsin. Brooks changed his plea from not guilty to an insanity plea in June.

Judge Jennifer Dorow had no time for Brooks’ act.

Brooks, 40, interrupted the proceedings, yelling at the judge and deputies surrounding him.

“You sit up here and act like you know me. People like you – you don’t know nothing about where I come from,”  he shouted.

“Mr. Brooks, you need to look at me for a minute,” the judge advised.

“Why? To listen to all this political stuff you got going on?” Brooks shouted back. The judge quickly ended the back-and-forth.

“I’m not going to do this with him right now,” she said, calling a recess as deputies removed Brooks from the courtroom.

Brooks’ attorneys failed to convince Dorow to dismiss the case or toss out evidence, including a document obtained from the defendant’s jail cell.

At times, it appeared Brooks was asleep as court officials discussed the multiple charges that would put him in prison for the rest of his life for the alleged crimes that devastated so many lives.

Also on trial in November’s election is the failure of the criminal justice system to keep violent people like Darrell Brooks off the streets — and the refusal of Gov. Tony Evers to hold liberal prosecutors accountable.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm’s office had recommended what even the Democrat DA admitted was “inappropriately low” bail — a mere $1,000 — for Brooks just days before he is suspected of terrorizing Waukesha. Brooks had been in jail on eerily similar charges, accused of driving over the mother of his child in the same SUV just three weeks before the Waukesha massacre.

Evers refused to remove fellow Democrat Chisholm from his post on “dereliction of duty.” There have been numerous reports of repeat violent offenders in Milwaukee freed on low bail going on to be charged with violent crimes, even homicides, since Brooks’ arrest in the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre.

Republican candidate Tim Michels has said he’ll fire Chisholm and other prosecutors who put the public at risk with their liberal policies.

“I will review all the DAs, and the ones who have an awful pattern of catch-and-release, dropping charges quickly, and letting guys out on the street, I will remove them from office,” he said during the primary campaign.

Logsdon believes a lot of voters will remember what happened in Waukesha last November when they get to the polls this November.

“They are supposed to be protecting us and they’re not by letting repeat violent offenders out,” she said. “I don’t care if it’s a Democrat or Republican.”

Meanwhile, Samantha continues to recover from the injuries she sustained in the parade. She was part of a children’s dance team performing when law enforcement officials say Brooks plowed into the crowd while attempting to escape from authorities. Her grandmother is happy to report that Samantha recently made the varsity dance team.

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