Cancel Culture tries to keep Rittenhouse out of college

By Matt Leach, Fox News

TEMPE, Ariz. – Students at Arizona State University angrily chanted “killer Kyle off our campus” as they marched through school grounds protesting the possibility Kyle Rittenhouse could attend classes there.

“I’m marching because killer Kyle should not be going to this campus,” one student, Farha, told Fox News. “That is White supremacy at its peak and it does not belong at ASU.”

Rittenhouse shot and killed two men and injured a third during unrest (riots) following the August 2020 police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The teen was acquitted of all charges in November.

The Arizona State protesters, led by Students for Socialism ASU, were met with opposition from students who supported Rittenhouse.

Dacy, another student, told Fox News she was marching because she believes in a right to self-defense.

“He’s an American who has committed no crime,” she said. “He contributes to society the way any other American contributes to society who is not imprisoned.”

“We should have zero bias towards him whatsoever, of what school he goes to or where he wants to be educated at, because he was acquitted,” Dacy continued. “He has not committed any crimes, so he is free to go where he wants to go.”

Rittenhouse is not currently enrolled in any Arizona State classes, school officials said this week following demands from students that the administration “withdraw” Rittenhouse from the college.

Professors advised Rittenhouse to withdraw from his non-degree-seeking online classes, but the teen is looking to enroll in classes again, Rittenhouse spokesperson Dave Hancock told Fox News.

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7 responses to “Cancel Culture tries to keep Rittenhouse out of college”

  1. gene Avatar

    I think these “socialist wantabees” should go into a socialist country for a year and then come back and live here like “real Americans.” Quit protesting against law abiding citizens. GET A LIFE

  2. Phyllis Batra Avatar
    Phyllis Batra

    Thankfully Rittenhouse is not guilty of murder as his actions were in self defense even if he made a poor decision to take a gun to defend against rioters who slash and burn. Teens make poor decisions. Protecting private property from rioters and criminals is a good decision in my mind. I thought all persons were entitled to attend a school for which they meet requirements. The students opposing Rittenhouse need patriot retraining and dismissed from school until they stop preventing Rittenhouse from exercising his freedom of choice to attend class in person. Shocking, the mind set of some students using their right of free speech.

  3. patti Avatar

    My Mother’s Family FLED their SOCIALIST country. Everything they worked for was taken away. (No incentives for working hard), No freedom of speech, No freedom of Religion, No Freedom to make God-given choices, etc. I agree with the previous commentator, Gene. They need to hit their history books and understand what’s really happening in this country. Their Liberal professors are making their students think they are helping humanity when in fact (often due to their lack of life’s experiences), they are gullible and actually hurting our Constitutional rights!!! Look around right now!!! Is This FREEDOM????

  4. Harold Wilkes Avatar
    Harold Wilkes

    ASU has been trying to get me to enroll…after this, no way. Go for it Kyle. and Let’s go Brandon.

  5. Harry Avatar

    The crap colleges have been producing like these mentioned isn’t worth the investment. What we need is a hunting season for woke Communist professors, which we have plenty of! When can we start?

  6. Brad Avatar

    Those protesting know nothing about what actually happened at the trial. This is ignorance on full display fueled by the corrupt liberal media.

  7. Scott Avatar

    Main stream media fuels cancel culture in a circular equation. Facts are not important so they just keep stirring the pot with misinformation. Can we get a fact check on MSM?

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