CDC: Masks for kids now, tomorrow, forever?

By Matt Welch, Reason

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), was asked Wednesday morning at a White House COVID-19 Response Team briefing to explain what impact expanding vaccination to 5- to 11-year-olds would have on masking in schools. “You can speak to sort of the benefits along those lines,” Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller prompted her.

Here’s how Walensky responded:

After we have authorization from [the Food and Drug Administration] and recommendations from CDC we will be working to scale up pediatric vaccination. That said, it will take some time, and as I just noted, as we head into these winter months, we know we cannot be complacent. We also know that from previous data that schools that have had masks in place were three-and-a-half times less likely to have school outbreaks requiring school closure. So, right now we are going to continue to recommend masks in all schools for all people in those schools and we will look forward to scaling out pediatric vaccination during this period of time.

So the “benefits” of vaccinating kids is that kids will be vaccinated; otherwise nothing changes.

Walensky and the CDC have serially misrepresented the data on which they base their global outlier of a recommendation that kids aged 2 and older wear masks in indoor group settings. But what makes the director’s comments last week particularly distressing for some parents is that it offers zero off ramp; no numerical set of targets to hit; not even a distant glimmer of light when it comes to the increasingly grim and questionably scientific practice of concealing children’s faces at a developmentally critical age.

“Please find a parameter to unmask children,” responded infectious disease specialist Monica Gandhi of UC San Francisco. Or as Johns Hopkins epidemiologist Jennifer Nuzzo wrote, “Masks in schools were meant to be a temporary measure. It is good policy and practice to establish off-ramps for interventions that aren’t meant to be permanent….We should be able to answer what conditions would enable an end.”

My 6-year-old, who has spent nearly one-quarter of her life wearing masks in group indoor settings, attends a school where all the adults are vaccinated, kids and adults alike get tested once a week, and (per state requirement, as directly influenced by the CDC) everyone over age 2 wears masks, even outdoors. We live in a moderately high vaccination zip code (68 percent of all residents with at least one shot, 64 percent fully vaxxed), in a city with a lower case rate than all but six states, whose positive rate among regularly tested, unvaccinated public school students since mid-September is a minuscule 0.23 percent. I would like to know what any of those numbers need to look like in order for my daughter to see her teachers’ mouths again.

Instead, as Harvard associate public health professor Joseph G. Allen wrote in Tuesday’s Washington Post, “it’s easy to see how schools could sleepwalk into indefinite masking for kids for at least this entire school year.”

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3 responses to “CDC: Masks for kids now, tomorrow, forever?”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Look on the bright side…

    You won’t have to witness them picking their nose and eating their snot first hand anymore…

  2. Jill Casey Avatar
    Jill Casey

    The buzzards are circling our youth with vaccines and masks. (And CRT, gender reassignment etc., etc.) There doesn’t seem to be any concern of the impact of masks on their growing immune systems. No concern it affects their ability to learn and understand others. No concern that mental health issues have gone through the roof with kids.
    The vaccines are very much in an experimental stage – but no concern of side effects in giving them to the youngest in our population. I have no doubt that infants and toddlers will be the next target, now that they are moving ahead with vaccines for 5-11 year old youth. Big Pharma and the Government isn’t liable anyway with the Emergency Authorization, it’s no skin off their a**. If you lose a child or grandchild to the vaccine, they will be considered a “causality”. “It’s for the great good” won’t be a comfort for anyone losing a child, who didn’t have to.
    The CDC and the government have also ignored the fact that children by and large, were not spreading Covid-19 in schools or anywhere due to the smaller amount of virus they carry in their nasal passages. (Listen to Dr. Kelly Victory on Rumble) A much smaller percentage of youth contracted covid-19 than adults, with a 99.99% rate of recovery. It had NOTHING TO DO with masks as Rochelle Walensky states. Forty years of mask studies showing masks don’t work have been ignored by the current regime. Add to this the fact the vaccines were developed for Covid-19 – WHICH IS GONE. We NOW have the Delta variant.
    Why have we all lost sight of the fact Covid-19 virus and now Delta variant primarily affects the Elderly and those with comorbidities? What we should remember is that lives could have been saved if access to Ivermectin had not been cut off for many.
    One could say forcing the mask and vaccines on children is cruel, abusive and foolish. Downright stupid. Ignores real science. Almost a third of our world is now using Ivermectin with tremendous results. But if this Administration acknowledged that, they would lose the Emergency Authorization for the vaccines and have to give up on the vaccines.
    David Archibald wrote an article: Indonesia Nearly Eliminates Covid Using Ivermectin – is Australia the Stupidest Country on the Planet? The United States could be added to that list as well. Except we should all realize by now, that there is a lot more at play here and none of it is good. If we don’t all rise up and demand that the censoring and misinformation stop, that Ivermectin and other therapeutics with a proven record be used, we will be lost to the demands Biden, the CDC and WHO insist we submit to.
    What Countries are Using Ivermectin?

  3. Ruthel62 Avatar

    My sister is a grandmother to a 5-year old. She is also a lefty who just can’t get enough of the “science”. She and her husband got the booster, she couldn’t wait to email everyone, she’s SO proud of that and has to “virtue-signal” everyone she knows. Her granddaughter lives in TN. I don’t know what mask mandates are in place for children in school down there, but my sister says that little “Gina”, not her real name, wears her mask all the time because she wants to be safe. I think they must have looser restrictions down there as my sister was crowing about her granddaughter needing to feel “safe”, hence the mask. Her daughter is also a lefty, so no big surprise there. Her family grew up in Madison, so there’s that. Now that the jab is available to little kids, my sister goes on and on how “Gina” will get the shot, she’s SO happy. She calls Covid-19 a deadly disease, but last I checked, it rarely kills children. So I guess real “science” depends on what side of the aisle you’re on. For us conservatives, it’s all hogwash, hearsay and misinformation. For the lefty, it’s all about “science”. Large gatherings of conservatives are all “super spreaders”, but large mobs of lefties rioting are just “mostly peaceful protests”. Like I said, it all depends which lever you pull when you vote. Or if you’re dead, which box gets filled in on the mail-in ballot (DEMS), need I say more?

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