Council member: ‘Bunch of white people’ will pay


By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — If La Crosse voters somehow thought they were getting a moderate Common Council member in Jennifer Trost, an election night video in which Trost says she’s looking forward to making white people pay for “their privilege” should disabuse them of that notion.

Trost, a woke University of Wisconsin La Crosse history professor, defeated school bus driver Richard Korish in the recent spring election to represent La Crosse’s District 11. She celebrated her victory with her socialist chums from Our Wisconsin Revolution in a Zoom conference call. Our Wisconsin Revolution bills itself an “independent, statewide, membership driven democratic-populist organization that aims to take Wisconsin government back from corporate elites and make it of, by, and for the people.” It’s led by a bunch of Bernie Sanders acolytes, with former far left gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe serving as executive director.

Trost told her fellow revolutionaries what she was looking forward to as a member of the city council.

“I am looking forward to a wave of attention to equity and fairness and a bunch of white people paying forward some of their privilege, because that’s a big part of why I ran,” she said.

On the video, Trost’s newly elected colleagues, Mac Kiel and Mackenzie Mindel, and La Crosse County Board member Marueen Freedland all nod in agreement.

Trost’s stick-it-to-whitey rhetoric is certainly more radical than the more moderate rhetoric she used during much of the campaign. In February, she told the local liberal publication that the city had an opportunity to “find ways to be good to our neighbors and to the people who live here.”

The council member told the group that she now had to be more “politic” in her statements, but she couldn’t hide her pleasure in being a “Wisconsin Revolution” candidate to “beat the police union candidate” in Korish.

That fact surely pleased Joella Striebel, Northwest Region Organizer for Our Wisconsin Revolution. Striebel nodded along at Trost’s intention of making “a bunch of white people” pay comment. Striebel a, former member the La Crosse County Criminal Justice Management Council, resigned her position after she says she was “threatened and harassed” after a police union post about her.

The police union outed Striebel for her clearly anti-law enforcement political philosophies as the county weighed creating a citizen board that would have oversight authority over police agencies — something that has long been the domain of the police and fire commission.

In one post on her Facebook page, Striebel shows off her new tattoo — a police riot helmet split in two with what appears to be a plant growing between the smashed remains.

“Strong communities prove police obsolete. Another world is possible,” Striebel’s post declares. And then she adds, “All cops are bound to a system of violence and oppression.”

Striebel’s revolutionary pals subsequently threatened law enforcement officials and Empower Wisconsin for reposting Striebel’s Facebook photo, insisting she was protected by privacy laws on the very public social media platform.

While Trost attempted to define herself as a centrist in a La Crosse Tribune candidate profile, her opponent, Korish, pointed to the professor’s core leftist beliefs. He said Trost is part of a political movement tearing down institutions and labellng everything as racist.

Apparently, 60 percent of the 669 voters who bothered to cast ballots in La Crosse’s 11th District didn’t care about that.

Elections do have consequences. La Crosse is about to learn what those consequences are.

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6 responses to “Council member: ‘Bunch of white people’ will pay”

  1. Kommon Mann Avatar
    Kommon Mann

    White Privilege Turned Upside Down
    The motivation to create and exploit the term “White Privilege” really stems from envy. The United States is where “White Privilege” was born and lives an unhappy life today. The country was settled by Scandinavians, British and Northern Europeans which now are aggregated into the classification as “Caucasians” meaning “white folks.”
    By contrast, South America was settled by immigrants known as the Conquistadors, mostly coming from Spain, which were Southern Europeans. The Spanish are known as “Latins” rather than Caucasians, so they haven’t been branded yet with the “White Privilege” label.
    The motivation to immigrate to North America stemmed from escaping the “caste system” pervasive in England, Scandinavia and Northern Europe. These immigrants were attracted by land, opportunity, and freedom.
    The Spanish that immigrated to South America were initially attracted by gold and riches that could be acquired or pilfered. To a lesser degree some were motivated by land, opportunities and freedom.
    In both cases, immigrants brought with them technologies new to the Americas. This gave the immigrants an advantage over the indigenous peoples. With this technical advantage came power that has perpetuated through the centuries to modern day.
    I hope this doesn’t come as a shock to readers, but people tend to associate with those that are the “most like them”. This reality explains why there wasn’t as much cultural mixing as would happen in a homogeneous ethnicity.
    It might surprise some to realize that blacks prefer to associate with other blacks. They have a common culture and heritage, and they are not going to get all worked up understanding that black Africans captured, created, owned and sold slaves long after it was abolished in the United States.
    I want to establish one more truth. “Every society throughout the world has experienced slavery.” The pyramids did not get built by members of a labor union. At the time slavery was abolished in the United States by the citizens of this country, slavery existed in many parts of the world. For example, the Africans that owned slaves in the early 1900’s are not being tagged with a “Black Privilege” label. Slavery was deemed illegal in Africa 10 years after the American Civil War, but slavery existed up until the beginning of World War II.
    Fast forward today, in South America, the caste system is alive and well. Spanish decedents and others of European heritage dominate the upper class. There is clearly more ethnic mixing, primarily because South America was harder to populate with Europeans. It was a longer trip, covered with jungles and inhabited with indigenous people with poison dart blow guns.
    The caste system in South America, occupied by decedents of Europeans, is why true democracies, like the United States, have been difficult to establish. The rich folks there are clearly outnumbered by indigenous peoples which would, given the opportunity, take their own place at the top of the human food chain.
    The secret weapon of the United States was the building of our middle class. The middle class in this country was been available to all ethnicities for centuries. An example is “Aunt Jemima” who became wealthy in the 1800’s as a spokesperson for the Pearl Milling Company.
    Historically, there has been discrimination against many ethnic groups, the Chinese, the Italians, the Irish, the Germans, etc. It goes away when an ethnic group adopts behaviors and values that homogenize them with the American culture. At the same time, people of each heritage can retain or dismiss as much or as little of their cultural heritage as they choose. The more they choose to retain, the more unique they are, and this may lead to some level of cultural isolation.
    Ethnic behavior, constructive and destructive, is going to define the “ethnic brand”. It is for the members of each ethnicity to decide what aspects of behavior they want to be known for. Then comes the peer pressure to “measure up”. To the extent that the center of gravity of an ethnicity cannot guide the positive behavior of members, the brand will suffer. The result is not “discrimination from others”, but a self-imposed isolation from mainstream society.
    Written by Komman Mann

  2. terry Avatar

    Are these ‘people’ in LaCrosse in a GD coma???? Is this broad who won the election sane??? Is she nuts??? Does she think she’s better than all of us and is she not white??? You LaCrosse people should be locked up!!!

  3. Harry Avatar

    This is just another commie put in place by more WOKE, full of hate commies. LaCrosse should be embarrassed! Though I do not live in LaCrosse I am damn close and I spend a hell of a lot of money there. As of now and being a “Whitey” I will surely spend more of my money elsewhere, simply because I am white and unwelcome in LaCrosse!
    For this woman’s information, this white guy did not grow up PRIVILEGED, BUT I am guessing she did, Because that is a common trait!

  4. David Krantz Avatar
    David Krantz

    “I am looking forward to a wave of attention to equity and fairness and a bunch of white people paying forward some of their privilege, because that’s a big part of why I ran,” she said.

    Hey, Jenny! Think you’re somehow exempt from this so-called “privilege”, that you’re “woke” so you won’t be targeted? Channeling Rachel Dolezal, dearie?

    Another overeducated yet unintelligent lib.

  5. Mike Reilly Avatar
    Mike Reilly

    They should start the recall process RIGHT NOW!!

  6. Go Woke Go Broke Avatar
    Go Woke Go Broke

    In case anybody is interested, I’ve submitted this woman to the professor watchlist that Turning Point USA has been working on. I encourage others to do the same. I’m a resident of this county trying to run one of the few manufacturing plants left in the city and I’m not going to put up with woke professors that have never worked a hard day in their lives. Locally, this story hasn’t pulled any attention because nobody is sharing it. Trost has limited the number of comments on her official profile page. She’s naturally removed any attempts that conservatives in the area have made to share the story. Share this story and blast her the way liberals would do if a conservative had said this. My city is counting on it.

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