Dane County’s Deadly progressive justice

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — Sir Emarion M. Tucker is a “pleasant, respectful” young man — when he’s not raping, assaulting and robbing women.

The 19-year-old last week was finally sentenced to 25 years in prison for a string of violent crimes he committed, at least two of them while free on ridiculously low bail set by a Dane County judge notorious for treating criminals like victims.

Tucker, also known as Cain M. Tucker, pleaded guilty last October to first-degree sexual assault for the 2018 rape of a 43-year-old woman at her Southwest Madison home, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. Tucker was 16 at the time of the crime, but the case was eventually moved to adult court in May 2019. It was repeatedly delayed by COVID-19 precautions and competency proceedings, the newspaper reported.

Tucker was released from jail in 2020 by Dane County Circuit Court Judge Everett Mitchell, who lowered the rapist’s bail from $30,000 to a mere $2,000, according to court records. Tucker was to remain confined on house arrest at his grandmother’s home.

He didn’t follow the court’s order.

The State Journal reported:

“About two months later, Tucker attacked and robbed a woman on a Far West Side street and demanded sex from her. About two months after that, he robbed a 77-year-old woman of her purse at the Walgreens on Cottage Grove Road, punching her after she had rolled down her car window. Tucker also pleaded guilty to robbery charges related to those crimes.”

This violent odyssey should come as little surprise to anyone who has paid attention to the liberal revolving door of criminal justice in places like Dane and Milwaukee counties. And Everett’s dangerously lenient treatment of a violent young man is par for the course for a “social justice” practitioner who once urged prosecutors to go soft on shoplifters at “big box” stores.

“I just don’t think that they should be prosecuting cases … for people who steal from Wal-Mart,” Everett said when he was University of Wisconsin’s director of community relations, not long before he first ran (unopposed) for for Dane County judge in 2016.

Mitchell and his fellow liberal judges are big on “restorative justice” requiring convicts to make amends for their crimes and change their ways rather than doing time. They’re also routinely sending violent criminals back out on the streets, to repeatedly rob, assault, rape and murder the citizens of Madison — and Wisconsin.

An analysis by News 3 recently found Dane County set the lowest bar for release in the state for cases involving first-degree reckless homicide charges and in criminal charges in cases involving children neglect, abuse or deaths.

Exhibit A: The case of  Arkeem Ashley, 26, and Esthefania Martinez, a couple charged in the 2020 death of their baby, just 7 weeks old. Ashley was charged with reckless homicide, and the child’s mother was charged with neglect. They appeared in court, where they were released on a $500 signature bond. No electric monitoring.

They’re gone. Court officials haven’t seen them since February.

Police reportedly learned as much when they tried to take 26-year-old Ashley into custody on charges of repeated sexual assault of a child (1st-degree sexual assault).

A criminal complaint alleges Ashley sexually assaulted an 8-year-old girl his parent babysat between 2016-18.

Dane County Judge Josann Reynolds presided over the low bond. She has a history of wiping out cash conditions for violent offenders.

Madison Police Chief Shon told the news outlet the bond was “unconscionably low,” but he was reluctant to blame the Dane County court system.

“To hear the bail was so low, it’s certainly disappointing. I think there’s been a lot of public reaction and anger to this case and they want to see those persons have their day in court, and I believe I do as well,” the chief said.

But listen to what the victim of the rape at the violent hands of Sir Emarion M. Tucker told a Dane County Court last week.

“This is really hard for me to write and speak for several reasons,” the woman said via speakerphone, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. “One, most being that I had to relive one of the worst days in my life, even though it replays in my head every day. But mostly I feel like I’m giving away all my power again by telling all the ways that I was destroyed.”

The newspaper goes on to report:

She said that in the moment, she felt like she had to give up her power, her body and her mind for fear Tucker would kill her. She said he asked her questions about her children as he raped her.

“My family is my whole heart,” she said. “The mother that they knew was destroyed that day.

“You killed my soul. You killed every piece of who I was.”

Tucker, playing the role of “respectful” young man, said he wants the people he has harmed “to have closed wounds.” He wants them “to be in a world of light and not in a dark place.”

This predator, and so many others, was allowed to create very dark places for several victims and their families by a Dane County criminal justice system that refuses to protect the public. And by liberal Dane County voters who consistently elect and re-elect the dangerous purveyors of progressive justice.

Mitchell ran unopposed again earlier this month for his seat on the Dane County bench. He won with 99 percent of the votes — 58,218 to 585 write-in votes.

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  1. biff Avatar

    Laws protecting judges for incompetent decisions need to change. When they let animals easily loose, they need to be held accountable as coconspirators in the crimes committed post release from early prison/parole to low or no bond. Intentional Liberalism is a mental disorder

  2. biff Avatar

    PS, and so should the public/private defenders who defend these animals and cut the deals. Criminal justice reform is needed so that murders are put to death in a timely manner, which ends repeat murder offenders (and lifetime of income for lawyers with appeals) unlike we have had for most of my lifetime. Thats why prisons are full. Justice should be an eye for an eye. That will stop the animals from carjacking and killing old women and men

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