Democrats invented gerrymandering

By M.D. Kittle

Democrats and their public relations team in the mainstream media have crafted a strange narrative that Democrats are all about “fair maps” and, unlike Republicans, they don’t gerrymander political boundaries when they hold the reins of power.

It’s fiction. Democrats invented gerrymandering, and they’re aggressively good at it.

Look no further than Gov. Tony Evers’ race-based state legislative maps. The U.S. Supreme Court recently scolded a narrow Wisconsin Supreme Court majority for approving the unconstitutional plan.

And then there’s the Democratic Party machine to the south.

As Robert Brutvan of Illinois Policy wrote, the congressional maps drawn up by Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly politically manufactured “17 districts that twist, turn and look like the textbook version of a gerrymander.”

Republicans labeled the maps the “Nancy Pelosi Protection Plan.”

In Maryland, the state’s Republican governor Larry Hogan on Monday signed a new congressional map into law. Days before, a judge tossed out an “extreme gerrymander” redistricting plan drawn up by Democrats that was designed to suppress Republican voters.

As National Review reported, Democrats in the Maryland legislature redrew the map in the wake of Anne Arundel County Senior Judge Lynne A. Battaglia’s ruling on March 25. Hogan agreed to sign it into law after Democrats, through the attorney general’s office, agreed to drop their appeal of the ruling.

Speaking to reporters, Hogan called it a “tremendous victory for democracy and for free and fair elections in Maryland.” The new map, redrawn by Democrats, isn’t as good as a map proposed by a citizen commission Hogan appointed, but still is “a huge improvement,” he said.

That’s Wisconsin’s redistricting story, in reverse. Democrat Evers created his “People’s Maps Commission,” composed of hand-picked liberals, to put together what the governor sold as fair and transparent political maps. The plan was so awful even his fellow Democrats in the Legislature rejected it. Evers vetoed a proposal by the Legislature’s Republican majority, calling it “Gerrymandering 2.0.”

Meanwhile, the governor and his team went behind closed doors to ram together a 10-year redistricting plan that created a phantom seventh black majority legislative district in Milwaukee. While his plan won favor from the state Supreme Court’s three liberals and a “conservative” justice who often sides with them, the U.S. Supreme Court found Wisconsin’s high court “committed legal errors in its application of decisions of this Court regarding the relationship between the constitutional guarantee of equal protection and the (Voting Rights Act).”

Republicans argued that Evers’ maps are a racial gerrymander with the goal of “spreading” black voters among several legislative districts seeking a bare majority in each. Even Democrats criticized the redistricting plan, after rejecting Evers’ so-called “People’s Maps Commission” maps.

“Democrats in states from Illinois to Maryland to Oregon have passed congressional maps that attempt to shore up their own incumbents and eliminate GOP seats,” the Christian Science Monitor reported last week. “Having had little say in the last redistricting cycle a decade ago, thanks to the shellacking it took in the 2010 elections, the party has taken advantage of more recent electoral gains to go on offense, aggressively redrawing district lines in certain states in its own favor.”

When Democrats talk about the GOP’s history of cynically manipulating political maps to consolidate their power, they’re revising U.S. history.

“Gerrymandering––like the Ku Klux Klan, segregation of the Armed Forces, ending of Reconstruction, Jim Crow, current-day voting restrictions, and the list goes on––are all creations of, you guessed it, the Democrat Party,” U.S. Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) recently wrote in The Hill.

“The so-called attempt to disenfranchise minorities through gerrymandering has the Democrats’ DNA all over it.”

And so it goes with Wisconsin Democrats and their geriatric gerrymanderer, Gov. Tony Evers.

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  1. Joseph Avatar

    This is really ironic considering Wisconsin Republicans are some of the most artistic gerrymanderers in the country. Nowhere else in the country can a party get 53% of the vote in State Assembly races and only get 40% of the seats. Now that’s what I call gerrymandering!

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