Don’t forget Harris’ campaign to destroy Kavanaugh

Empower Wisconsin | Aug. 17, 2020 

By Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist 

One of the ringleaders of the Democratic Party’s attempt to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s life in 2018 has been named Joe Biden’s running mate for the 2020 presidential election.

en. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., used the Kavanaugh nomination in 2018 as a springboard for her failed presidential campaign. Focusing on her support for abortion and position on the Senate Judiciary Committee that handled the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Harris strongly opposed Kavanaugh’s nomination within moments of it being announced, and long before she had a chance to review his record.

She joined other Democratic presidential hopefuls on the steps of the Supreme Court the next day to further express her opposition. She ran 3,600 different advertisements on Facebook before the second round of hearings began in late September 2018.

“Her performance during the Kavanaugh circus stood out as particularly demagogic, cynical & abysmal,” wrote TownHall political editor Guy Benson.

Within a few seconds of the first hearings being gaveled to order, Harris interrupted the proceedings in an attempt to shut them down on procedural grounds, part of a coordinated attack that included attempts by hundreds of compensated activists to get arrested.

Harris, a former prosecutor, led a line of questioning that was an obvious attempt to put Kavanaugh in a perjury trap, albeit a trap he was able to avoid. Harris began by asking Kavanaugh if he had ever discussed Robert Mueller, the special counsel then investigating the Trump presidential campaign, with anyone.

Harris had previously tried to argue that any president under investigation was not allowed to make a Supreme Court nomination, a bizarre theory that had been put forth by, among others, the NAACP’s Hilary Shelton, actress Alyssa Milano, and Paul Schiff Berman, a professor at George Washington University Law School. The latter wrote in the New York Times that no nominee could be confirmed until Mueller had completed his investigation of the Trump campaign’s possible “collusion” with Russia.

The proposition had no legal basis and was almost laughable in light of recent history. In fact, a majority of the present court had been appointed by a president who was then under investigation. Anthony Kennedy was appointed just a year after an independent counsel began investigating President Reagan’s role in the Iran-Contra affair. President Clinton appointed Stephen Breyer eight months after Attorney General Janet Reno appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the Whitewater scandal. Both Roberts and Alito were appointed while the Bush administration was under investigation by a special counsel in the Valerie Plame affair. And the FBI’s investigation of Trump was already underway when Neil Gorsuch was appointed.

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