Empower Wisconsin releases ad, ‘Fire John Chisholm’

Empower Wisconsin | Jan. 10,  2022

MADISON — Empower Wisconsin is out with a new ad calling on Gov. Tony Evers to remove Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm from office.

The 15-second spot will air in Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay television markets beginning today.

Titled “Fire John Chisholm,” the ad spotlight’s the DA’s role in setting free a Milwaukee man accused of killing six people and injuring dozens more in Waukesha’s Christmas parade.

“He ran over the mother of his child, and District Attorney John Chisholm’s office gave him low bail. Days later he plowed through a Christmas parade killing six,” states the ad, featuring a photo of the suspect, Darrell Brooks Jr. and video clips of a red SUV barreling through the parade.

“Gov. Tony Evers can remove John Chisholm, but he’s not,” the spot states. It urges viewers to contact the governor’s office and “tell him to stand up for victims.”

More than three weeks after Milwaukee County residents filed a complaint with Evers accusing Chisholm of a “dereliction of duty,” Evers has yet to say whether he’ll open an investigation into the district attorney and his office.

Brooks was released from jail just days before he is accused of plowing his SUV into the parade on Nov. 21. The 39-year-old Milwaukee man had previously been charged with recklessly endangering safety after police say he ran over the mother of his child in the same SUV he drove into the Waukesha parade. Despite Brooks’ long and violent rap sheet, Chisholm’s assistant DA recommended Brooks be set free on $1,000 bail.

Chisholm has long been an advocate for liberal criminal justice reforms, and his office has been a leading player in Milwaukee County’s revolving door criminal justice system filled with repeat violent offenders.

Chisholm predicted his progressive policies would set killers free. “Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into [a] treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody?” he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 2007. “You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach.”

Evers campaigned on liberal criminal justice policies, pledging to reduce Wisconsin’s prison population by half. In his most recent budget proposal, Evers called for eliminating felony bail-jumping penalties.

Leanne Hollingsworth’s young daughter, Kenzie, was critically injured after being run over, suffering significant head and brain injuries.

Leanne said she wants Gov. Tony Evers to remove Chisholm from office.

“What we saw was things that no one should ever see in their lives, or experience in their lives,” she told Empower Wisconsin.

Watch the ad here.

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6 responses to “Empower Wisconsin releases ad, ‘Fire John Chisholm’”

  1. Martha Avatar

    Chisholm is a disgrace, but so is Evers. He should be fired, but I don’t think the faux governor will do it. They are 2 of a kind.

  2. Barbara Janicki Avatar
    Barbara Janicki

    Are you kidding me??!? I do not care what point you are trying to make—why in the hell would you choose to show the video of Waukesha South’s Band getting hit!!!!? Those kids, as well as anyone who was at the parade, are still dealing with major PTSD and you are showing it 3 times during a half hour of news. Shame on you.

  3. V.Pisko Avatar

    Pandering to criminals gets one nothing else but dirty hands and dirty reputation.
    Please don’t put up with morally and financially corrupt politicians.I live in NYC which just resurrected the infamous Tammany Hall and believe me..it’s an ugly picture from any angle of observation.

  4. Lloyd Sylvester Avatar
    Lloyd Sylvester

    Ms. Janicki,
    I agree with your point about the video.

    Empower Wisconsin,
    I was at the parade with my family and saw several young girls hit and injured. After making sure my wife, daughter and 3 year old granddaughter were safe. I went into the street and assisted an unknown doctor, who had been in the crowd next to me, in caring for two of the girls before their parents and EMTs found them.
    The video and sound dubbing in this ad depicting the car hitting the band members are triggers for those who were physically injured as well as those who observed the events. Your use of the video is incompassionate, disgraceful and pathetic. But I guess that’s what one can expect from an organization promoting an authoritarian power grab from the people.
    I agree Chisholm should be removed from office, not by an edict from the governor, but rather by the people voting him out of office, via recall election if possible, or via the next regular election.
    I strongly recommend you remove your ad immediately, revise it to remove the parade footage and sound effects, and then put it back on the air.

  5. Thad Avatar

    Barbara Janicki panders to the “woke” crowd. The kids and anyone else who were present will grow up and get by their trauma. Meanwhile THANK YOU Empower Wisconsin for getting out the feelings and sentiments of the law abiding electorate.

  6. Harry Avatar

    There is always a different way to get rid of scum like Chisholm. He is responsible for the slack laws that got people killed. Milwaukee County like many other liberal cities with DA’s like him around the country, they too will eventually meet their demise.

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