Evers’ abortion rhetoric hints at mob justice

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — As pro-life centers in Wisconsin and around the country are under attack from pro-abortion terrorists, Gov. Tony Evers is again ratcheting up his political rhetoric.

The far left governor this week vowed to fight the state’s longstanding abortion ban all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court “and maybe even beyond.”

What’s beyond the nation’s court of last resort? Mob violence?

That’s what Julaine Appling would like to know.

The executive director of the pro-life Wisconsin Family Action is dealing with the overhanging threat of radical groups such as Jane’s Revenge, a pro-abortion terrorist group that claimed responsibility for the Mother’s Day firebombing of Wisconsin Family Action’s Madison headquarters. That attack occurred before the U.S. Supreme Court ruling last month that overturned Roe v. Wade, the legally flawed 1973 decision that federally protected abortion in the United States.

“I really do wonder when Evers’ starts talking about going ‘beyond’ the Supreme Court is he talking about more violence?” Appling said.

She noted the governor stoked the flames of anger following the May attack on Wisconsin Family Action. At a rally, Evers said he and his radical allies would fight for “reproductive health rights” in the halls of the Capitol and in the streets.

This is the same governor who was urged by law enforcement officials to cool the overheated anti-police rhetoric following the shooting of a black criminal suspect in Kenosha in August 2020. Soon after Evers’ released a statement incriminating law enforcement, rioters took to the streets and smashed up stores and government buildings and burned down portions of Kenosha’s Uptown and Downtown districts.

Evers on Wednesday said he’d never heard so much anger over a single issue.

“And that’s what happens when overnight you take away and make every woman in the state of Wisconsin a second class citizen, including all seven of my granddaughters,” he said.

Appling said Evers is speaking to what he presumes is his base to get them riled up going into November’s election. Democrats need something to get their voters to the polls as the country (under Democrat control) slumps toward recession and consumer prices soar.

“Frankly, I think it’s going to backfire. He has taken an extreme position,” said Appling who has advocated for pro-life initiatives for decades, all of her work — until last month — in the Roe v. Wade era.

It’s a different day in America.

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5 responses to “Evers’ abortion rhetoric hints at mob justice”

  1. Sandra L Martin Avatar
    Sandra L Martin

    He looks even more of a fool standing there in that pink T-shirt. The left has gone too far. The only stance they will take is unfettered slaying of babies with no exceptions. They are no longer “moderate”, but extremist. Sooner or later, truth always wins, you cannot hide the truth for long no matter how many times you deny it. Murder is murder. Well, we can use their same argument they used in the Rittenhouse case – “crossing state lines to commit murder”. What about that rings true for the left?

  2. Martha Avatar

    It certainly seems to me that the Liberals solution to everything they don’t like is some form of mob violence. Seems strange – it usually during the week. I guess these people don’t have a job (and probably don’t want one!)

  3. Justine Browning Avatar
    Justine Browning

    I wonder if there is a planet out there filled with second-class citizens?

  4. Ruthel59 Avatar

    Pink is NOT a good color for him…at all.

  5. Dan Avatar

    Evers is garbage

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