Evers chooses electric cars over school buses

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers wants to spend millions of dollars of the remaining money in the Volkswagen emissions settlement on electric charging stations.

The Democrat could invest the money in new school buses and other state transportation needs, but Green Evers has a Climate Change warrior image to uphold — even at the expense of schools and children.

Evers’ budget proposal directs his Department of Administration to spend the $10 million on grants for electric car charging stations. He wants to use $10 million-plus of the settlement funds to replace state vehicles with clean energy vehicles.

The funding comes from a court-ordered $67 million settlement against Volkswagen for violating the Clean Air Act. The German car maker was required to pay more than $2.9 billion into an Environment Mitigation Trust Fund, with the state of Wisconsin is one of its many recipients.

While the settlement stipulates the funding must be spent on reducing diesel and gasoline emissions, Evers has options. He could have marked the money for replacing school buses, shuttle buses, railroad freight switchers or airport ground support equipment.

Other states have.

South Carolina’s governor recently announced the purchase of 235 school buses to help replace the state’s aging fleet. Earlier, the state used a portion of its Volkswagen settlement funds to buy 78 school buses.

Cherie Hime, executive director of the Wisconsin School Bus Association, said the organization in 2019 asked the governor to allocate some of the VW settlement to purchase school buses that would dramatically cut down on emissions.

“This is an opportunity to get cleaner buses that not only have a direct impact on the environment but on the children who ride the bus.” Hime said. “We didn’t get anything on that.”

They went to the Department of Revenue and received the same response: Silence.

“We haven’t heard anything. It’s been another disappointment,” Hime said.

The Department of Transportation did establish an $18 million public transit grant program to replace aging city buses.

But it seems Evers is set on his electric car charger and green fleet plan. He was so consumed by the idea, he used his veto pen in 2019 to change what was supposed to be a $3 million grant program to replace school buses into his $10 million electric vehicle charging station fixation. The Wisconsin Supreme Court in a 5-2 ruling struck down Evers’ veto as unconstitutional.

The governor would not be deterred. He shoved the proposal back into his latest two-year spending plan.

“It would be nice if there was a diversified approach, not just one-sided,” Hime said.

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4 responses to “Evers chooses electric cars over school buses”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Government with ‘found money’ has the same effect as when a drug addict finds a dollar on the street…

  2. Harold Wilkes Avatar
    Harold Wilkes

    Only 5,887 electric vehicles on the road here, compared to 4.2 million cars and trucks powered by gasoline/diesel fuel. How about a few hundred million for buggy whips? Horses are “green”…

  3. Bono Avatar

    Evers bout as stupid as Biden. Either one know how do anything right. F** up idiots.

  4. Lynne Avatar

    Evers and the climate warriors love to squander money on green projects. Do they really think people are going to be weaned off oil and gas by a flip of a switch? Morons.
    Meantime, back in northern WI, I hang up my laundry to dry in the wind because of the cost of electricity while they fly to meetings in private jets to discuss climate change.

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