Evers delivers taxpayer-funded sex changes

Empower Wisconsin | Dec. 11  2019

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — Wisconsin taxpayers will now have to pay for sex changes following a settlement the liberal Evers administration readily accepted.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel headline Tuesday declared, “Wisconsin concedes on transgender Medicaid coverage.” It couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

Wisconsin didn’t “concede.” Gov. Tony Evers and his social justice warrior team gave up without a fight.

As Empower Wisconsin first reported in October, the Department of Health Services was putting together an emergency rule aimed at repealing a long-standing prohibition on BadgerCare covering “[d]rugs, including hormone therapy, associated with transsexual surgery or medically unnecessary alteration of sexual anatomy or characteristics” and [t]ranssexual surgery.”

DHS said it had no other choice after a federal judge ruled the state, through its Medicaid program, must cover the cost of “medically necessary gender-confirming surgery.”

Evers could have appealed the court’s ruling to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The administration clearly was not interested.

Team Evers allowed the deadline to quietly pass, as attorneys for transgender residents celebrated their legal victory.

“We applaud the Wisconsin Department of Health Services for accepting the Court’s rulings and the medical consensus that gender-confirming health care saves lives,” lead attorney Joseph Wardenski of Washington, D.C., told the newspaper.

State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo said there was no concession on the part of the Evers’ administration. It was just another assault on taxpayers and family values by a liberal governor and his far left advisers, the New Berlin Republican said.

“He’s got all of his cabinet and staffers around him, a bunch of radicals from Madison trying to Madisonize the entire state,” Sanfelippo said. “The fact that they were doing this quietly behind the scenes proves they know it’s not popular with the majority of citizens, but they don’t care. They’re just pandering to their left-wing base.”

Sanfilippo, chairman of the Assembly’s Committee on Health, has been a vocal opponent of taxpayer-funded sex change procedures.

U.S. District Court Judge William Conley in his August ruling wrote that the consensus among the medical community is that gender dysphoria is a serious medical condition necessitating gender-confirming surgeries. He estimated the procedures would only cost taxpayers $300,000 to $1.2 million annually.

Former Gov. Scott Walker’s administration had appealed Conley’s 2018 preliminary injunction against the long-standing state policy barring taxpayer-funded sex changes. The judge rejected the arguments and overturned the state provision earlier this year.

In October, Sanfelippo criticized the Evers administration and Attorney General Josh Kaul for failing to defend Wisconsin law.

“You have a court ruling that comes in and right away the Evers administration is just rolling over, and rather than appealing that court decision or looking for a way to tailor the law so we could meet the Legislature’s intent, they’re going to roll over right way and change the law so the taxpayers have to end up paying for sex changes,” Sanfellipo said.

“That’s just not what our tax dollars are meant for and I don’t think this is what the majority of Wisconsin taxpayers want their dollars to be spent on.”

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  1. Danny r Busche Avatar
    Danny r Busche

    If this is a medical condition the person wanting this can pay for it not our tax dollars.Time to recall Evers and his morons.

  2. Emily Avatar

    Where does one sign against this?? This is against MY belief and I will not have money taken out of my hard earned taxes to pay for confused fools.

  3. Kathleen M Endries Avatar
    Kathleen M Endries

    Unbelievable!!! What next? Did the people who voted for this guy know his philosophy or don’t they care?

  4. Keith Avatar

    What a ridiculous waste of tax dollars

  5. Keith Avatar

    What a ridiculous waste of tax dollars.

  6. Keith Avatar

    I hope the idiots that stuffed the ballot box for this asshole are happy

  7. Keith Avatar

    There’s always Wyoming. No income taxes.

  8. Gary Avatar

    Thank you Dane and Milwaukee Counties for voting this useless spineless piece of humanity into office

  9. Rich Avatar

    Taxation without representation? Didn’t we go through this over 200 years ago?

  10. Rudy Avatar

    Meanwhile diabetics are paying the equivalent of a house payment for their supplies . Drug abusers get free narcan so they can push the envelope to higher highs but can be saved ! What a bunch of confused shut heads we have governing !

  11. Roger A Dallman CPA Avatar
    Roger A Dallman CPA

    Separation of Sheep and Goats in Real Time, Right before our Eyes.

  12. Dave Avatar

    This is what happens when you vote for a Democrat these are the same goddamn assholes that think it’s okay for boys to be on Girls Athletic teams it’s these young kids these new Millennials you’re doing this to this country and you know what you’re going to you’re going to live with it for a long time a long time everybody thinks that deserve everything for free get off your lazy ass and work for it

  13. T. Albrecht Avatar
    T. Albrecht

    Thanks for the detailed info we don’t get anywhere else!!!!!

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