Evers’ vaccine fiasco drags Wisconsin down


Empower Wisconsin | Jan. 28, 2021

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — The Evers administration continues to stumble and bumble its way through COVID-19 vaccine distribution, with the Badger State ranking 46th in doses administered.

Wisconsin lagged behind all of its Midwest neighbors this week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine distribution and administration data tracker.

On Tuesday, the state had administered 318,096 of its 685,100 doses received from the federal government, or about 46 percent. That paled in comparison to the national leader, North Dakota, which had administered nearly 87 percent of its 86,750 doses. The top 5 states included New Mexico, West Virginia, South Dakota and Connecticut, each administering 70 percent of their available vaccine or better.

Dr. Kalpana Kumar, a Pewaukee-based internal medicine specialist, told Empower Wisconsin that things haven’t improved much from the state’s chaotic rollout of its distribution initiative.

“It’s still pretty chaotic,” she said. That was the descriptor she used when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel interviewed her for a story about the Evers’ administration’s  “Bizarre, disorganized” launch of its COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan. Those were the salad days, when Wisconsin ranked 10th slowest out of 12 Midwest states in getting the vaccine out.

Kumar, a long-time practicing physician, told the newspaper at the time that no one from the state Department of Health Services or the local health department communicated when she and her staff would receive vaccinations.

She told Empower Wisconsin on Wednesday that she finally received her first dose after the article ran, and she is scheduled to receive her second and final dose next week.

“A lot of health providers were able to magically get the vaccine after the piece came out,” the doctor said.

That’s the problem, lawmakers critical of the administration have said. Without the public pressure from news outlets and health care organizations, frontline health care professionals and the state’s most vulnerable populations would still be waiting. Many are, regardless of the headlines.

“The troubling thing for me is that DHS seems to not have any urgency in this situation, whatsoever,” said state Rep. Joe Sanfelippo (R-New Berlin) during an Assembly Health Committee hearing this week on bills aimed at fixing the vaccine distribution mess. Sanfelippo chairs the committee.

“This agency should be taking a lead role in protecting people’s health, but it has dropped the ball,” he said.

DHS officials say they are working as fast as they can to get more Wisconsinites vaccinated. But the Evers administration’s smothering bureaucracy has slowed the approval of the priority groups of residents to get the shot. Earlier this week, after two-plus weeks of deliberations, a DHS committee finally signed off on Phase 1B, which will include people 65 and older, teachers, grocery store workers, prisoners and others.

Kumar said communication from the state and local health officials continues to be horrendous. In too many cases, the doctor said, the small private practices have been pushed to the back of the line as the state prioritizes larger “corporate” health care providers. And it’s the patients, particularly elderly patients, who suffer.

Sanfilippo said his office has taken a lot of calls from confused and frustrated constituents.

“Every day, all of our offices are getting contacted. I’ve spoken to constituents who are in their 80s trying to navigate when they can get shot,” the lawmaker said. “There’s no place for them to go to get answers.”

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  1. Peggy Avatar

    I cannot understand how our officials can be so incompetent. As a child I remember the administration of the polio vaccine. The lines were long but they got it done. So with all our technology we can’t do this. These are our public servants. They are paid by us. If they cannot get the job done it is time for new employees.

  2. Linda schuberth Avatar
    Linda schuberth

    Do not take this “vaccine”. It is mRNA gene therapy. Like the kind used in chemotherapy. It will cause immune suppression, organ failure and sepsis when you encounter another corona virus. Your body will attack itself.
    Call 8008793477. Pfizer. This “vaccine” is not approved by the FDA. Only authorized for emergency use. There is not and has not ever been a health emergency for a virus that has a 99.8% survival rate, which is preventable and treatable with hydro chloroquine, vit D, C and zinc. Doctors are complicit in medical malpractice by treating for “covid”19 and ignoring other medical problems. In Ireland every doctor, coroner that put cause of death or medical diagnosis of covid 19 using the PCR test with its high cycling levels will be charged with medical malpractice and up to 5 years jail. Listen to the video. Reiner Fuellmich of Germany is starting litigation for crimes against humanity for governments, public health Dept and medical professionals and hospitals for labeling covid 19 . In the USA hospitals were getting first 77,000$ , now about 50,000$ per covid patie. And by the way, covid stands for certificate of vaccination identification.
    It is part of the great reset program by the deep state globalists to destroy middle class Americans. Read about it. It is not a theory

  3. Harold Wilkes Avatar
    Harold Wilkes

    Getting blood from a turnip is easy compared to getting competence out if Evers…

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