George the DNR lapdog rolls over

Empower Wisconsin | June 19, 2020

MADISON — It seems DNR’s lapdog has lost his bite. 

George Meyer, president of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation who formerly served as secretary of the state Department of Natural Resources, is conspicuously missing from an important fight. 

The sacred right to hunt is on the line for Wisconsin young people and the ever-vocal Meyer is suddenly silent.  

Recently, the DNR announced that due to Covid-19, it would cancel in-person hunter safety classes for this year. 

A relatively new group called “Hunter Nation” has taken the lead in suing DNR for this action. But Meyer, the self-proclaimed guardian of sportsmen, and his group, WWF, haven’t made a peep. It’s embarrassing and disgusting that a group masquerading as the protector of sportsmen would stay silent regarding such an attack on our sporting heritage. 

For those unfamiliar with the state’s hunting rules, all hunters born after Jan. 1, 1973 are required to take and pass a hunter safety course prior to hunting (without a mentor). Every year, thousands of youth across Wisconsin take the course. Without it, they can’t hunt (unless they are within arms length of a mentor). 

DNR insists that because of the mentored-hunt rules, it’s cancelation of Hunter Safety courses isn’t a big deal. Of course, that’s absurd. They cancel classes due to Covid-19, while at the same time arguing that hunting within arm’s length of someone makes it okay. Wow. 

In the sporting community, many have come to expect such absurdity from the DNR. But one would think that George Meyer and WWF would use their influence as the so-called “voice of Wisconsin sportsmen” to actually stand up for sportsmen. 

Instead, DNR-obedient George has taken on his normal role as agency lapdog. Thank God that Hunter Nation, a group that actually fights for Sportsmen, has stepped in to fill the critical role of opposing the latest DNR insanity. 

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