How the media’s COVID lies weaken America

By Christopher Bedford, The Federalist

It was darkly funny at first how neither corporate media nor their Democrat friends could agree with a single thing President Donald Trump said, no matter how plausible — or even obvious — it was. He realized this, and used it to great effect.

In the eyes of our reporting class, every single thing President Trump said — or did — had to be wrong. It started out entertaining and predictable, but could also be troubling, depressing, and enraging, as when reporters played blind to murderous race riots, claiming they were entirely peaceful, or when they refused to admit that the border is a human-smuggling and human-victimizing operation entirely run by foreign criminal cartels. That kind of reporting hurts people badly, and does no service to the causes these reporters hope to champion.

But when COVID-19 came to our shores, their obsession with taking the opposite side of President Donald Trump became very dangerous to our entire country — and is the final crack in their long-fracturing and now-collapsed role as a check on good governance.

They attacked Trump as a racist for declaring a travel ban on the source of the virus. When the president said the virus might have come from a lab, the press said he was lying and it didn’t. When he said we’d develop vaccines maybe within a year, they “fact-checked” him false. When he said we were recovering as a country, they said we weren’t. When he supported states reopening, they said we’d die. None of their responses had any basis in fact — they were merely based on a seething hatred for the president.

But far from done with their damage, American corporate media went further, elevating fraudulent champions to fight their most hated president. Men like Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is directly responsible for deaths in nursing homes and the cover-ups that followed yet still managed to make money off his supposed leadership and newfound media celebrity. Remember when he was “America’s boyfriend”?

Far worse than him, though, is Dr. Anthony Fauci. Everything Fauci touched was gold as far the media cared, and the love was returned: For Fauci, there wasn’t an audience too small, a publication too irrelevant, or a camera too ugly for him to chase; all the while switching up facts and stories, and slipping in and out of his lies with since-exposed declarations his media fanboys then held up as declared truths. On camera, reporters fawned. Behind the scenes, they wrote him the kind of emails a husband might be jealous to read. All the while, Fauci undermined the last vestiges of an honest media. What a torrid love affair.

When Fox News’s Bret Baier said COVID may have leaked from a lab — something Fauci knew at the time was possible — an email chain the doctor is on refers to Baier’s observation as a “conspiracy.” We know that Fauci and his allies spent the next year attacking and dismissing those who shared this theory, but what did he write in response at the time? We don’t know because the email is entirely redacted — the American public can’t read it. It’s confidential, stand back: Important people are making big decisions that affect our lives. All very hush-hush.

Of course, Fauci didn’t have to ask his friends in media to keep all these revelations quiet for him. They knew what to do. The day after these emails were dumped by Freedom of Information Act requests from BuzzFeed and The Washington Post, the White House press corps didn’t ask a single question about them.

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