Lawless Tony tells elections officials to lawyer up

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — Tony Evers has routinely broken the law and ignored the constitution in his tenure as Wisconsin governor. Now the Democrat is telling elections officials to do the same.

Evers told reporters this week that county and municipal clerks should get “lawyered up” as they face questions and records requests from lawmakers and special investigators looking into the many questionable activities surrounding November’s presidential election.

“All’s I can say is if I were a clerk I’d be lawyered up,” Evers said at World Dairy Expo in Madison. “I hate to see them in this position when they’re being told they have to prove this was a good election. Everybody knows it was a good election.”

Not everybody.

State Rep. Janel Brandtjen (R-Menomonee Falls), chairwoman of the Assembly committee charged with reviewing last year’s elections, said it’s unbelievable that a governor would advise government officials to not cooperate election investigators. If the elections were handled beyond reproach, what do elections officials and this governor have to hide, Brandtjen asked.

“His persona of a mild-mannered governor clearly does not match his willingness to hide records and encourage others to do the same,” the lawmaker said.

Anyone who has followed Wisconsin politics is well aware of Evers’ phony persona as a “Gee, folks” compromiser. He’s shown that he’s more than willing to break the law to push his power beyond constitutional limits. The Wisconsin Supreme Court on multiple occasions has invalidated the governor’s overreaching edicts during the run of the pandemic.

Evers and his administration also have repeatedly thumbed their noses at the state’s open records law, conduct marking Evers as arguably the worst closed-government governor in state history.

“If the election process is so transparent, why would you have to tell anyone to ‘lawyer up,’” Brandtjen said.

Good question.

But lawyering up is exactly what elections officials in the so-called “WI-5” cities have done since a Wisconsin Spotlight investigation uncovered the depth of involvement in November’s election by liberal non-profit organizations richly funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The five Democratic strongholds — Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha and Racine — received millions of dollars to help administer the elections. Emails show Democratic Party activists connected to Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech and Civic Life intricately involved in election administration and get-out-the-vote campaigns targeting Democratic voters, activities election law experts say are not permissible under law.

Brandtjen said more than a month after she and a government watchdog group filed a lawsuit against Racine Mayor Cory Mason and city Clerk Tara Coolidge, the city has yet to turn over the election records the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections is seeking. The lawsuit asks a Racine County Circuit Court to enforce the state’s open record laws and demand the city stop stonewalling the committee’s requests.

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who is leading a separate probe into the election, reportedly has asked Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson to meet with him.

Christenson, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, told Gableman he would welcome the chance to “educate,” him about how elections work in Wisconsin and why past reviews have shown the 2020 election was conducted accurately. Such bureaucratic arrogance underscores why so many Wisconsinites remain sceptical about how liberal election administrators in Democrat-led cities handled the presidential election.

Democratic Party apologists in the mainstream media like to hastily note that a recount in Dane and Milwaukee counties and court rulings have found Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in Wisconsin by about 20,000 votes. But they don’t like to note that the courts have not done thorough reviews of the ballots or the troubling activities of more than a dozen well-heeled liberal groups intricately involved in the election.

Brandtjen notes the law is clear. Elections officials must make 22 months of elections information available to the public so “we can guarantee the people of Wisconsin they would have fair and transparent elections.”

Plenty of voters in Wisconsin have concerns about that question.

Evers and his liberal election administrator friends believe you should just take their word for it.

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2 responses to “Lawless Tony tells elections officials to lawyer up”

  1. Maxx Avatar

    If State Rep. Janel Brandtjen has her facts correct and most conservatives agree that many Wisonsin elections laws were broken or worse “ignored” then why are the law breakers and violators not being charged with crimes? We MUST find a way to have Wisconsin laws and our Constitution upheld and the people elected to uphold them MUST be punished. State issues will not be dealt with by our Attorney General because he is part of the blatant abuse of our laws by elections officials and other politicians. This is so serious now that we must even consider removing the A.G. from office. From research I have done it is apparent that County Sheriffs are considered the highest ranking law enforcement officials in every state. Therefore doesn’t it make sense that County Sheriffs should be used to take actions against a politically corrupt A.G.??? It seems that the A.G. must himself be forced to step down or arrested for derriciction of duty.

  2. Maxx Avatar

    In this historical case of willful election tampering and manipulation by some local election officials and other private political activists from a specific political party “PRECEDENT MUST BE SET” to deal immediately and effectively with these criminals. If we do not act quickly and decisively now our republic is over, not because our citizenry has failed but our politicians have failed.

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