Leave it to Evers: Is Tony a Sith Lord?

Empower Wisconsin | Feb. 4,  2020 

MADISON — Mr. Task Force is at it again. 

After signing a record 63 executive orders last year, Gov. Tony Evers signed another four in January — three of them creating a commission or task force. 

Leave it to Evers to try to circumvent the Republican-controlled Legislature he is loathe to work with. 

His latest order creates the Governor’s Task Force on Student Debt. A sop to debt-laden college students and graduates, the task force — like Evers’ myriad other government panels — was invented to create the appearance of action. Its mission is to look into the causes of student debt and to research the best ways to reduce its burden. It doesn’t take a task force to know that higher education is unaffordable to many and it has created a generation of indentured servants, indebted for years and years into their adult working lives. 

If we have learned anything about Evers’ task forces and commissions it’s that the solutions they come up with grow government and cost taxpayers more money. 

The governor’s Executive Order #66 creates the People’s Maps Commission. Beyond sounding like something you’d find in Mao’s Little Red Book, the commission is at least a press release attempt at getting around the Legislature’s constitutional obligation of drawing the state’s political maps. Evers and Democrats, who insist redistricting at the hands of the Republican-controlled Legislature is unfair (mainly because Democrats don’t control the Legislature), claim the commission will be nonpartisan. But if you believe the partisan Democrat won’t pack the commission with political allies and liberal activists, we have some swamp land to sell you. 

It is interesting to note, as one outstanding conservative and Star Wars geek brought to our attention, Evers’ Executive Order No. 66 bears a similar name as the top secret order identifying all Jedi as traitors to the Republic. Also known as Clone Protocol 66, Order 66 subjects the Jedi to summary execution by the Grand Army of the Republic. 


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