Leave it to Evers: Tony’s Doing the Left Thing tour

Empower Wisconsin | Dec. 19, 2022

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers launched his liberal wish list road trip last week, his biennial listening session he’s calling the “Doing the Right Thing” tour. 

Evers, of course, will be doing the “left thing” when he moves into his second term in a couple of weeks and begins writing his next two-year budget proposal. Why change now? He’s governed from the hard left for four years. Besides, his second term comes thanks in large part to the rabid, radical left in Madison, which turned out their mail in-ballots in Dane County and at the University of Wisconsin in incredible numbers. (UW-Madison issued over 7,000 student voter ID cards between Sept. 1 and Election Day, over half of which were printed on Election Day, according to data from BadgersVote.)

It’s interesting that Evers picked Kenosha as his first stop on his political show listening sessions.

More surprising is, at least based on the coverage, not one Kenosha resident showed up to ask the Democrat why he played liberal politics in August 2020 in slowly and inadequately responding to the Black Lives Matter riots that burned down parts of the city. Was that because Evers’ meet and greet with “the people” was filled with the usual left-wing activists who almost exclusively show up to these political theater productions?

The Kenosha News put the turnout at about 150 “area residents, community activists and locally elected officials.” But even the Republicans in the crowd, like Kenosha County Executive Samantha Kerkman, weren’t going to raise too many complaints. They’ve got dollar signs in their eyes. They want more state money and they need the governor to sign off on a Hard Rock Cafe Indian casino. 

Evers isn’t one to listen to — or talk to — Republicans, anyway.  

The people who turn out to these things are usually his political allies, the ones who castigate the people they see as evil conservatives for wanting to stop, or at least slow, the ravenous growth of government. 

Evers likes to quote the famous words at the Capitol: “The will of the people is the law of the land.” He says that’s his motto. And he means that. As long as the people are his people. Not the people who want to cut taxes for all taxpayers. Not the ones who want to limit the size and scope of government. Not the ones who think taking more federal aid with more mandates is a bad idea. Not the people who believe the wokeism preached by Evers and his ilk is dividing and destroying this state and this country. 

With an eye-popping surplus, this tax and spender insists “we can be fiscally responsible” while paying for no end of government programs. The proof will be in the pudding, and in February we’ll see all the liberal sugar this governor can shove into his budget proposal. 

You can be sure Evers will be doing the left thing for the liberals he owes. 

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  1. Martha Avatar

    Why doesn’t Evers ever try to do the correct thing! Whatever he attempts you can be it will be disasterous for Wisconsin residents.

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