Leave it to Evers: Tony’s gender-neutral priorities

MADISON — Wisconsin faces a worker shortage crisis, the tragic impacts of a lost year of education and a divisive culture war — all problems leftist Gov. Tony Evers has made worse.

So what’s the Democrat’s No.1 priority?

Gender-neutral options for birth certificates.

That’s right. Businesses around the state are cutting hours, some are shutting down, because they can’t find enough employees. But Evers’ Woke Department of Health Services on Monday announced “parents will now have the option of gender-neutral pronouns and designations” on their child’s birth certificate.

In particular, the option of the gender-ambiguous term “Parent” will be offered, with the traditional Mother/Father designation.

“This change reflects my and my administration’s commitment to gender-neutral terminology and to recognizing that Wisconsin families are diverse and should be valued and respected,” Evers’ boasted in a press release.

It also reflects the governance of a man — excuse us, a gender-neutral person — who has simultaneously turned his back on science and Wisconsin’s actual priorities.

Evers has stubbornly refused to listen to businesses, already hurting by his oppressive and ineffective lockdowns. They have begged the governor to end the $300 weekly federal bonus payment that is making it more enticing for some unemployed to collect generous jobless benefits than re-enter the workforce.

Evers stood silent as teachers union-cowed school districts kept students locked out of in-person learning for more than a year, as already-troubling proficiency levels plummeted.

But the liberal has been quick to push the left’s divisive Woke agenda no matter what — even in the middle of a historic pandemic and unemployment crisis.

You get what you pay for, and unions and the radical left spent a fortune electing their man.

Or their gender-neutral person.

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3 responses to “Leave it to Evers: Tony’s gender-neutral priorities”

  1. Emme Avatar

    And the Democrats are the party of “Science.” Huh? You are male or female. There is no trans gene. All the other alleged, aggrieved, “sex” related categories are made up. They are based on desire and choice possibly Münchausen syndrome. Perhaps munchausen by proxy in the case of a parent inflicting physical or mental illness on a child. Parents in munchausen by proxy seek attention by “crippling” their child. Usually, mothers are the ones who show this characteristic. But at least we have a choice in Wisconsin. Perhaps instead of sex of child one could put TBD.
    People of common sense, do you ever feel like the boy in the Emperors New Clothes?

  2. Harold Wilkes Avatar
    Harold Wilkes

    Since Tony has obviously been gender-neutral for some years…

  3. Scott Avatar

    The people in the picture behind Evers signing, do they REALLY agree with the gender-neutral aspect? I don’t think so and you can read it by the expression on their face’s. This state is becoming a joke (as is our Great USA) and it is disgusting. We are “One Nation Under GOD” not The Devil. Their day will come!

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