Left’s war on science

What we’ve learned since the pandemic struck in March 2020 is that the Left demands Americans “follow the science” — until the science gets in the way of their politics.

As Fox News’ Tucker Carlson puts it, you are no longer allowed to exercise your constitutional right of assembly unless it’s to publicly support the Democratic Party’s agenda.

It’s all partisan politics posing as science.

Watch the video at Fox News.

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2 responses to “Left’s war on science”

  1. David Krantz Avatar
    David Krantz

    We followed the science, until we realized the scientists were going in a circle. Like the circular logic libs use on a daily basis in their arguments.

  2. Harold Wilkes Avatar
    Harold Wilkes

    In honest debates (not political ones), one side is affirmative and the other negative. With science there should be no debate, facts are facts, anything else is opinion but unfortunately, today opinion rules the day, facts are not allowed and only one side is permitted to speak. If the left had its way, dissenters would be shot but for now, they’re just silenced. But the silence is becoming louder and soon will overcome the lies.

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