Liberal logic: Trump rally bad, lib city voter rally good

Empower Wisconsin | Oct. 2, 2020

By M.D. Kittle 

MADISON — Liberal logic: It’s okay for thousands of people to come out to ballot harvesting events in Madison’s parks, but it’s reprehensible for voters to turn out to a campaign rally for the president of the United States. 

That’s where we are in Leftist Land. 

But is it any wonder from the hypocrites who hyperbolically declared protesters against government lockdown orders would kill Wisconsin with COVID as they insisted Black Lives Matter protesters were too righteous to get and spread the deadly virus. 

President Donald Trump’s campaign on Thursday announced it would move its Saturday rally in La Crosse to Janesville Saturday, after La Crosse’s liberal mayor told Trump to take a hike. reported that state former state Sen. Dan Kapanke, a La Crosse Republican running for his old Senate seat, would have offered the president space at the baseball stadium he owns. He said Mayor Tim Kabat told him it was unlikely the city, run by Democrats, would issue the necessary permit. 

Democrats declared the president was being irresponsible for holding political rallies (as Dem presidential candidate Joe Biden mostly remains in his Delaware bunker) while COVID-19 cases hit “crisis” levels. Trump still plans a stop in Green Bay, where reported COVID cases have substantially climbed. It is important to note, that the cases have risen despite Gov. Tony Evers’ statewide mask mandate and tight business capacity restrictions in many communities. 

But even as Democrats warned the Trump rallies would be “super spreaders” of the virus, they continued to champion their own get-out-the vote rallies. 

Madison’s “Democracy in the Park” event scheduled for Saturday not only remains on the lib city’s schedule, Democrats asked a Dane County court Thursday to order that the ballot harvest go on. Republicans have raised concerns about the legality of the rally. 

After the first event last weekend, city election officials said they collected nearly 11,000 absentee ballots and took lots of questions from Madison voters. While poll workers manned more than 200 locations around the city, the brunt of the ballots — and the people — flowed into the more popular sites. Mask or no mask, that’s a whole lot of COVID-19 potential packing Madison’s parks. 

The Wisconsin State Journal on Thursday reported that Dane County had exceeded 10,000 cases of COVID-19, with 138 new cases. 

“Health officials say people should stay home as much as possible, wear masks if they go out, avoid crowds, keep distance from others and frequently wash their hands,” the newspaper reported. 

County Executive Joe Parisi, chief fear monger, issued a stern warning. 

“We are all tired and frustrated, but our fight against this aggressive, relentless virus is now reaching a critical juncture,” Parisi said in a statement.

So, why not cancel “Democracy in the Park?” 

Liberal logic. 

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  1. ConLawyer.2 Avatar

    If you folks in Badgerland do not begin to resist this idiocy in earnest, your state may suffer irreparable damage, if that has not already happened. Your state capital, though always a lefty outpost, was, until the latest elections, a decently clean and safe place. Now, under the hideous creature occupying the mayor’s office, along with the trio of brainstems holding the offices of governor, lieutenant governor and AG, Wisconsin is looking to join the failures to its sought and northwest as cesspools of leftist incompetence and tyranny. I once desired to return to WI; now, I believe I will pass on that notion.

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