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Madison hiring disgraced Tate was ‘virtue-signaling at its worst’

Empower Wisconsin | Oct. 19, 2022
By M.D. Kittle


MADISON — Dane County Sheriff candidate Anthony Hamilton says Madison’s

hiring of fired Wisconsin Patrol Commission chairman John Tate II was “virtue-
signaling at its absolute worst,” and a threat to public safety.

Tate, who also serves as Racine’s City Council president, backed out of the job on
Tuesday, days after the city announced the disgraced former head of the Parole
Commission would serve as Madison’s first police monitor. Tate turned down the
job to take another position with Racine city government, the Wisconsin State
Journal reported.

Hamilton, a Dane County Sheriff’s Department detective, notes Tate, like Sheriff
Kalvin Barrett, was appointed by soft-on-crime liberal Gov. Tony Evers. He said
Barrett and Tate have the same political priorities in criminal justice.
“It’s the same mentality and they have the same goals,” Hamilton, a Republican,
told Empower Wisconsin this week on the Vicki McKenna Show. “Barrett has also
said he wants to reduce the number of people in jail.”
Tate spent his time as Parole Commission chairman working to realize Evers’
campaign pledge of reducing the state’s prison population by half. Records show
under Tate’s direction the commission released nearly 1,000 violent criminals,
including more than 300 murderers and attempted murderers and dozens of child

Evers, bowing to public pressure, called for Tate to resign in June after a firestorm
of criticism about his decision to release convicted killer Douglas Balsewicz.
Balsewicz, who had served less than 25 years of an 80-year sentence, was to be
freed on “good behavior.” In 1997, Balsewicz brutally murdered his estranged wife
in front of their two young children, stabbing her 44 times. Johanna Balsewicz was
preparing to divorce her husband at the time.
“And the coward left her to die with her two kids in her bed while she’s half on the
floor and on the bed,” Johanna’s sister, Karen Kannenberg said. “For eight hours
those two kids just clinged to each other.”
When neighbors found them the following morning, the children were hand in
hand, covered in their mother’s blood.

So Madison’s Police Civilian Oversight Board, represented by radical leftists, saw
an excellent candidate in Tate as the city’s first police monitor. A big middle finger
to the many crime victims Tate disregarded in the name of “social justice.”
Had he stayed, Tate would have made $125,000 a year to investigate the conduct
of Madison police officers and citizen complaints. Above all, Tate was tapped to
ensure reviews of officers are “independent.”
Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores, vice chair of the board that was first created using racist
quotas, has arguably been the most vocal member in the attack on Madison

“I’m the Vice Chair of the MOST POWERFUL Police Civilian Oversight Board in
the Entire country. Not only did I make a seat at the table, I BUILT that table,” she
bragged on her Facebook page.
With his officers under attack by a radical police oversight board and an
“independent” monitor who freed some of the violent offenders local law
enforcement helped lock up, Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes last week
welcomed Tate to “this wonderful community as the inaugural Independent Police

“We look forward to a productive, collaborative, and transparent relationship with
Mr. Tate and his staff, Barnes said in a statement. “I am looking forward to hearing
his thoughts on the current state of policing in Madison, as well as his opinion on
body-worn cameras, the use of technology, and evidence-based policing to inform
police practice.”

It’s not clear where the hiring process will go from here.
Hamilton said Tate’s hiring would eave the average Madison citizen at risk and the
community less safe.

“When you have people who are using identity politics to make decisions quite
literally on people’s safety and their lives, it has no place in law enforcement,” the
sheriff candidate said.

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