Marquette Poll: Neck-and-neck race for governor, Senate

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — With just five days until Election Day, Wisconsin’s top races are statistically neck-and-neck, according to the latest Marquette University Law School poll — the last one before the midterms.

Incumbent Democrat Gov. Tony Evers and Republican businessman Tim Michels are tied, each backed by 48 percent of likely voters.

In the U.S. Senate race, incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Oshkosh) leads liberal state Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes by 2 percentage points (50% to 48%), within the poll’s margin of error of 4.8 percent. Johnson’s lead has narrowed since Marquette’s last poll in early October, when he was ahead of Barnes by 6 points (52% to 46%).

Evers’ 1 percentage point lead in the last poll, meanwhile, has disappeared. Former independent candidate, Joan Beglinger, who dropped out of the race in September but remains on the ballot, is polling at 2 percent.

Evers’ approval rating remains under water, with 46 percent approving of the job he’s doing and 47 percent disapproving.

Inflation remains the top issue in this election, with 92 percent of poll respondents saying they are at least somewhat concerned about skyrocketing prices. The most recent consumer price index was up 8.2 percent on the year. The Federal Reserve on Wednesday issued its fourth straight interest rate hike — an increase of three-quarters of a point — in an attempt to check inflation rates not seen in 40 years. Worries grow that the U.S. economy is heading into a recession, beyond the contraction seen earlier this year.

Not surprisingly, a majority of poll respondents (58%) say the state is not on the right track, while just 34% believe it’s headed in the right direction.

“The percentage saying their family is ‘living comfortably’ has declined since 2020, while percentages of those ‘just getting by’ and ‘struggling’ have risen,” the poll states.

The latest Fox News poll  shows Barnes trailing Johnson by 3 percentage points 45%-48%), basically unchanged from last month. In the same poll, Michels leads Evers by a point (47% to 46%).

“As expected, Wisconsin is extremely competitive,” said Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox survey with Democrat Chris Anderson. “Johnson’s edge is driven by two facts. First, issues where the public favors the GOP are prevalent. Second, he’s managed to brand Barnes as too liberal. But it’s still a tight race.”

Empower Wisconsin | Nov. 3, 2022

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    Darrell Brooks body count is a direct result of the policies of Democrats. Is Brooks why the “drive safely” campaign ads are being shown. If these ads were shown a year ago and Brooks watched them, maybe he wouldn’t have decided to drive into a parade. Is that the point?

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