Milwaukee justice: Stop car thefts by suing automakers

Empower Wisconsin | Jan. 25,  2022

How messed up is Milwaukee? Enough to draw the attention of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board.

As insane as it sounds, Milwaukee’s leftist leaders want to take on the city’s rash of car thefts by … wait for it … suing automakers.

From the Wall Street Journal editorial:

Car thefts in Milwaukee have tripled in the last two years amid a broader descent into public disorder. But rather than chase down the thieves, Democratic aldermen want to sue Kia and Hyundai for making cars that the politicians say are too easy to steal.

More than 10,000 car thefts were reported in Milwaukee last year. About half of those arrested are juveniles age 16 and older, many of whom post their joyrides on social media. When public schools shut down, teens find non-gainful employment. Yet former mayor Tom Barrett, who left office in December, said that only about 2% are prosecuted.

Rather than blame the permissive policies of Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, city aldermen are side-swiping Hyundai and Kia, whose cars reportedly made up 66% of those stolen in the first half of 2021. Some Kias apparently can be broken into through the back window without setting off an alarm.

Several aldermen have encouraged the city attorney’s office to sue the South Korean auto makers for allegedly causing a public nuisance by making their cars too easy a target for thieves. They say the stolen cars are often involved in reckless driving and are diverting police resources.

In a press release last month, Milwaukee Alderman Khalif Rainey claimed the auto makers “are directly responsible, in my view, for the drain on police and other city resources that have been sadly directed to deal with the rash of vehicle thefts and the havoc those thefts have brought to our city.”

Is it any wonder a career violent criminal was freed from Milwaukee County Jail on just $1,000 bail to go on a rampage at a Waukesha Christmas parade? Is it any wonder Milwaukee posted a second straight record-breaking year for homicides?

Gov. Tony Evers refuses to do the one thing immediately within his power to make the city safer: Remove liberal “justice” DA John Chisholm from power.

Ultimately, Milwaukee’s mess is on the voters of Milwaukee. It can’t be cleaned up by electing people who fight crime by defunding the police, and who blame car thefts on car makers.

Something’s got to change in Milwaukee.

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5 responses to “Milwaukee justice: Stop car thefts by suing automakers”

  1. Maxx Avatar

    Very typical of a democRAT controlled government. De-fund the law enforcement agency, weaken or outright stop the police from doing their responsibility to the public, then blame an inanimate object for the crimes committed by the actual criminal community in Milwaukee. Liberal stupidity at it’s best. That was Tom Barrett’s methodology for his entire career as mayor. Good thing he is gone where he can’t really do anymore damage to society but too bad he is being grandly rewarded for his total incompetence as a mayor.. But his agenda is still alive and well under the new mayor. The auto industry will laugh at this new fool and spit in his face to boot.

  2. Dave Avatar

    The real reason for wanting to go after auto manufacturers is in hopes of getting rid of cars and into public transportation, where they can ask you if you really need to use it and you’re ‘vaxed’ or not.

  3. Harold Wilkes Avatar
    Harold Wilkes

    How about lobotomies to prevent stupidity?

  4. Harry Avatar

    Please post the picture of these idiots proposing this so we can see what they look like, because there just can’t be people this dumb!!

  5. David Krantz Avatar
    David Krantz

    Standard Dem playbook.
    Cars that are east to steal are the problem, not the people stealing the cars.
    Guns are the problem, not the people illegally possessing the guns and using them to commit crimes.

    “We’re addressing the problem…” Yada, yada, yada.

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