More racist indoctrination at taxpayer expense

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — The cop-hating organization subsidized by your tax dollars and endorsed by Attorney General Josh Kaul and Gov. Tony Evers is pushing “Politics Education for Teachers against White Supremacy” training this week.

Madison-based Freedom Inc. recently announced the “training” sessions as part of the national Black Lives Matter at School Month led by the Marxist BLM. Schools across America, including Madison and Milwaukee, are implementing the action agenda Black Lives Matter is foisting on them, like lessons that call for the “disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics.”

Why should taxpayer-paid public teachers be receiving “political education sessions” from a radical, racist organization? Because that’s how many public schools roll these days.

The sessions, according to Freedom Inc. and friends, “will help uplift our demands for police free schools and equip teachers with skills to challenge white supremacy in their schools and  community and create a sanctuary for Black students, students of color, girls, LGBTQIA+ students, and students with disabilities.”

“While this is the responsibility of MMSD (Madison schools) and other districts around the country, we recognize, districts are unwilling to support demands for justice in favor of upholding the status quo. Community-led education, on the other hand, takes seriously the need to destroy the status quo,” Freedom Inc.’s Facebook page declares.

But it’s so much more than creating “liberatory spaces of learning,” organizers insist. Madison teachers who want in on this limited-time offer, however, have to first sign the Black Sanctuary Pledge and promise to “protect the lives of Black children in the classroom and beyond.” Not all children, apparently.

In short, teachers must be committed to:

  1. Keep cops out of schools and create an accountability process for school staff who use police to harm children
  2. Invest in the leadership, wellness, and creativity of Black youth and youth of color
  3. Use transformative justice instead of punishment
  4. Give most impacted youth, parents, and trusted adults real decision-making power over schools.

Keeping police officers out of high schools has been an abysmal failure in Madison, where criminal and disruptive incidents have soared in the first school year after the district voted to discontinue the school resource officer program.

Freedom Inc. has a history of encouraging lawlessness. During 2020’s long, hot summer of looting and riots that wrecked Madison, Kenosha and other cities, Freedom Inc. director Monica Adams declared, “Stop murdering black people, and your glass will be safe.”

Adams draws a six-figure salary as the head of the nonprofit “social welfare” group, which has received at least $3.6 million in taxpayer funding. The funding includes nearly $900,000 in federal grants handed out by liberal Attorney General Josh Kaul. Gov. Tony Evers’ Department of Children and Families has given another $730,000 to Freedom Inc. since the beginning of 2019.

All that money to a violence-preaching group that asserts  “all actions against racist state violence are justified.”

“The taxpayers of Wisconsin should not be funding any group that supports rioting, looting and actions to terrorize citizens with street violence,” state Sen. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater said in 2020.

Meanwhile, Freedom Inc. continues to push its radical left agenda in Wisconsin public schools.

“Most rational thinkers agree that public schools should not be home to political activism, from any side of the political divide, but public schools across America, from Boston to Seattle, have opened their doors for activist teachings from the divisive Black Lives Matter political organization,” Parents Defending Education vice president of investigations Asra Nomani said in a statement to Fox News.

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5 responses to “More racist indoctrination at taxpayer expense”

  1. gene Avatar

    There would be no “white supremicy” if the left didn’t cry racism to everything. Racism got 1000% worse since America elected a black president. Also February is black history month, what would the left do if someone wanted to start a white history month???

  2. Harry Avatar

    Looks like school hasn’t paid off for parents who have big investments, because the highly paid Marxist teachers are brainwashing your kiddies!

  3. Emme Avatar

    This is why my kids were pulled out of Stevens Point dumb down schools. Hate yo white self curriculum, sub standard curriculum, and controlled by lefties at UWSP who dominate the school board. No real concern for student’s education just indoctrinate. Lefty superintendents with agendas. Why are we still dealing with these educrat goons? Total parental choice!

  4. Connie Avatar

    We as taxpayers have to stop funding public education and all support for the Teachers’ Union. Academia has hijacked education and many of the teachers, so in order to clean this up, take away the money. Transgenderism is being promoted because the Transgender Clinics sends millions to the Teachers’ Union. It’s got to stop.

  5. Harry Avatar

    Freedom inc. stands for voter fraud in elections! Watch for it!

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