• Dentists play hardball, deny access

    A bill that would open the door to dental therapists in Wisconsin may have bipartisan support and the backing of dozens of organizations, but it won’t go anywhere if the Wisconsin Dental Association has its way.

  • Forbidden grammar

    Misuse of pronouns could be costly for faculty at woke University of Minnesota.

  • Grow-Government Evers at it again

    A record $83 billion biennial budget wasn’t nearly enough for Gov. Tony Evers.

  • Dems hold hearing to call ICE agents racist

    U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman called out grandstanding Democrats this week following a politically charged hearing on the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

  • Climate Change activists push agenda through local codes

    Climate Change activist groups are trying to backdoor the Paris Climate Accord into local regulations across the country through the 2021 Residential Energy Code.

  • Johnson: Media ‘complicit’ in Dems’ war on Trump

    U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says he is being targeted by the Trump-hating media because he’s asking the uncomfortable questions the general press refuses to ask.

  • Red light cameras get legislative green light

    A legislative committee this week gave the green light to a bill that would bring red-light cameras to Milwaukee.

  • Evers stalling again on benefits reform

    Gov. Tony Evers again is dragging his feet on the dance floor of government reform.

  • Do-nothing Pelosi’s House pushing subpoenas, not bills

    It’s a reflection of the times: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic majority have signed off on more subpoenas to investigate President Trump than they have written bills that have become law.