Out with the old, in with the Neubauer

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — Assembly Democrats took an even harder turn left late last month, selecting Wisconsin’s version of AOC to serve as the leader of their small caucus.

Rep. Greta Neubauer (D-Racine), a Green New Dealer leftist takes over for Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh), who leaves the Assembly Minority Leader post he held since 2017.

Neubauer, 30, was first elected to represent her liberal Racine district in 2018. She began her reign with an acceptance speech that was equal parts political posturing and political delusion.

“The GOP knows that they are losing ground with the people of Wisconsin and that the only way they can win is to sow division and double down on the worst that President Trump brought out of the Republican Party,” Neubauer said. Assembly Republicans hold a 61-38 majority, and the future looks bleak for a Democratic Party moving farther left.

With Neubauer at the helm, Assembly Dems’ ship will undoubtedly be veering in an even more radical direction.

As the MacIver Institute reported in early 2019, Neubauer is more than a disciple of the extremist climate change agenda, she’s a useful idiot. And she’s backed by some of the biggest left-wing organizations in the nation, the same groups that supported climate change alarmist U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s rise to power.

“Feeling energized following the 2016 elections, Greta moved home to Wisconsin and ran for State Assembly with a pledge to introduce and work towards model legislation for a Green Deal in the Rust Belt, bringing in thousands of good, green jobs, and building an economy and society that serves all people,” wrote the Sunrise Movement in its 2018 endorsement of Neubauer. The climate change doom-and-gloom group noted Neubauer’s work in “politics and climate justice organizing for over 10 years.”

More recently, Neubauer, like Democrat Gov. Tony Evers, stoked the flames of the  Kenosha riots that followed the August 2020 police-officer involved shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man who repeatedly resisted arrest and showed a knife following a domestic incident. Neubauer’s police-hating vitriol ranked among the more extreme comments.

“I am horrified, sickened and angry over the police shooting of Jacob Blake last night. It is long past time for deep and systemic change. Change in how we police, how we prosecute and how we incarcerate. But also change in how we invest in and strengthen our communities,” Neubauer tweeted after the first day of riots that would burn portions of Kenosha’s business districts to the ground.

Neubauer peddled the left’s discord-sowing talking points on white supremacy and systemic racism.

“Continued police violence against Black people is a symptom of the systemic racism and white supremacy deeply embedded in our country’s past and present. Leaders at every level — federal, state, local — cannot continue to stand by.”

And then Neubauer promised to join the “protesters,” many of them engaged in looting and burning down stores and assaulting innocent people in a city under siege.

“I support the right to protest in Kenosha and I will be joining people in the streets. Today and in the days to come, my thoughts are with Jacob, his family, and his community, and I am sending them strength in this time,” the new leader of Assembly Democrats tweeted at the time.


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  1. Dave Avatar

    At least we know about this nut right out of the gate…

  2. Harry Avatar

    Haven’t there been enough Greta’s? Same hair too!

  3. Harry Avatar

    Maybe Greta has time to get out there and brush off the frozen snow from all the solar arrays around the state. Visited some 2-3 days after the storm and still snow and no glow!

    It won’t ever be a top source for power in the Midwest! or maybe anywhere. it depends on what China allows! Friends of the left.

  4. David Krantz Avatar
    David Krantz

    Neubauer. Thunberg.
    Six of one, half an dozen of another.

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