PowerUp: Grothman on Biden’s school lunch shakedown

Empower Wisconsin  | July 21, 2022

MADISON — The Biden administration is now playing the role of school bully, taking lunch money from school districts that don’t comply with woke interpretations of Title IX.

U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-6th CD) has co-authored a bill barring the U.S. Department of Agriculture from withholding federal funds from schools that maintain biological distinctions between boys and girls.

“This tells you why you should never let the federal government in schools, because as soon as you take money from the federal government — for whatever reason — who knows what type of crazy things the federal government is going to require you to do,” Grothman told Empower Wisconsin’s Matt Kittle last week on the Vicki McKenna Show.

Rep. Grothman is our guest on this edition of PowerUp, Empower Wisconsin’s podcast.

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