Q & A with Nik Clark, Wisconsin Carry, on gun control ‘compromise’

Empower Wisconsin  | June 8, 2022

As congressional Democrats and Republicans scurry to find a “compromise” on gun control legislation, Second Amendment advocates warn that individual liberties are on the line.

Nik Clark, president of Wisconsin Carry, Inc., has been engaged in the battle over gun rights for a long time. He says “compromise” to liberals means conservatives giving up freedoms.

Empower Wisconsin interviewed Clark this week on the Vicki McKenna Show. Here’s what he had to say. (This interview has been edited.)

Empower Wisconsin: What do you think of the “compromise” gun control legislation proposed by Democrats and Republican in congress?

Nik Clark: When we hear compromise, compromise is when two people get something they want. The conservative nightmare for the past 50 years is that compromise is always compromising away from freedom…As conservatives, we’re always compromising at the freedom side. This is a huge mistake for Republicans. Democrats never pass gun control on their own. They wait for Republicans to do it so Republicans pay the political price because the Republican base who the elected Republicans are out of touch with will be mad at them. There’s a red wave coming. Republicans, please don’t screw it up by passing gun control because that’s the real danger here.

Empower Wisconsin: We don’t enforce the laws we have in place. Why not deal with the laws we have before we start making more laws?

Nik Clark: We selectively enforce the laws we have. By selectively, conservatives get the hammer brought down on them. Example: Kyle Rittenhouse, who would have never been charged any place else. But liberals can get away with liberal privilege, can get away with anything — almost literally murder. And so gun owners need to understand the battle that we are really fighting. Some gun owners understand this, but you’ve got your low effort gun owners who toss a couple bucks toward the NRA or something. They think that the argument is trying to convince Democrats that gun control won’t work. That’s not the battle we’re really fighting. … Democrats don’t want to crack down on crime, they want to crack down on the law-abiding. So when we gun owners hear proposals and say, ‘This wouldn’t do anything. Look, this guy passed a background check. Why are you calling for more background checks?’ That’s not their goal. Their goal is the law abiding.

The unintended consequences we think would happen from gun control are actually the intended consequences of Democrat gun control. They want to know what law-abiding citizens own guns. They want red flag laws so they can come after law-abiding citizens for no due process reasons. We’ve seen them go after parents at school board meetings. We’ve seen those parents targeted. The people who are vocal, the people who are politically active will be the ones who are considered red flags. Trust me, this is going to happen. When you have universal background checks you will know who owns every gun. There’s no way to have universal background checks without a universal gun registry. So you know who has every gun, and with a red flag law you can go and get any gun that you want.

Empower Wisconsin: How much of the current gun control campaign from the Democrats is just political desperation from a party that is looking at a very difficult November at the polls?

Nik Clark: We can look at Waukesha, the parade massacre. We can look at almost every crime that happens in Milwaukee. We know they don’t care about crime because if they wanted to crack down on crime they could.  Almost 90 percent of violent crime is committed by convicted felons who are legally prohibited from owning guns right now. So if they wanted to focus on crime, they would focus on that subset of people — what kind of laws would target them? But they don’t do that because that’s not their target. It’s the law-abiding they have no control over because the law-abiding have that pesky little thing called rights, which gets in the way of Democrats all the time. That’s why red flag laws are so dangerous … If we’ve learned anything over the past two years it’s that we’ve had a 50-year leap forward in tyranny.

Empower Wisconsin: Where do you think this legislation is going?

Nik Clark: Hopefully it goes nowhere. Democrats and the media want to make it seem like there’s tons of support to gaslight elected Republicans into supporting it. But my message to elected Republicans is, Play offense. Push for measures that would work. Force the conversation to be about armed resource officers or arming teachers because when we have that conversation we’re sucking the air out of the gun control room and we’re talking about real solutions instead of being the no, no. no crowd, which to the uniformed voter seems like we’re the obstacle.

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