Scariest people of the year (so far)

Empower Wisconsin | Oct. 31, 2019

MADISON — Halloween conjures up all kinds of ghosts, ghouls and goblins. 

But the creepiest zombies scavenging for candy tonight have nothing on the scary creatures haunting the Swamp and the halls of the state Capitol. No amount of mini Snickers can save us from the horror these political wretches visit on our wallets, our markets and our individual liberties. 

In the spirit of Halloween, Empower Wisconsin today presents the Scariest People of the Year (so far). Feel free to offer your candidates in the comment section. 

Nancy Pelosi 

The Queen of impeachment has the power — or so she believes — to unilaterally launch a House inquiry into President Donald Trump. The Speaker has nearly sucked the life out of the constitution trying to sate her insatiable thirst for power. 

Adam Schiff 

What he lacks in comedic timing, Schiff more than makes up in audacious lying. The House Intelligence Committee chairman will stop at nothing to take down the president. And we do mean nothing — not the law, constitutional principles of due process, personal accountability, common decency. Nothing. If the eyes truly are the windows to the soul, staring into Schiff’s will get you nowhere. He doesn’t have a soul.

Watch the creepy Adam Schiff video here


She’s back!!! The vacuous socialist congresswoman from New York has scared the life out of once joyous children by convincing them that they have little more than a decade to live — thanks to their parents’ greedy need for lights, heat, and air-conditioning. If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t frighten you with her doom and gloom Climate Change pep talk, she’ll drive you into the poorhouse with her socialist policy ideas. 

The Squad 

As scary as AOC is alone, she’s part of a frightening foursome of federal lawmakers that bill themselves as “the Squad.” Think Godzilla meets Mothra meets Rodan meets King Ghidorah. This gruesome group includes Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass), and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) When they’re not unleashing their boycott  and divestment brand of anti-semitism, the Squad is devouring reality and the old, semi-sane Democratic Party. In her free time, Omar likes to deny the occurrence of mass killings of Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Turks and downplay the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

Hillary Clinton  

They don’t come much scarier than HRC. Perhaps dipping into the second bottle of Chardonnay, the former Secretary of State and twice-failed Democratic candidate for president has a crazy conspiracy for every occasion. Even members of her own party have become “Russian assets,” in her mind. It’s Hillary’s version of “The Sixth Sense” or, better, “The Sick Sense.”  In the movie, she turns to Bruce Willis and says, “I see Russians! Walking around like presidential candidates.” 

Tony Evers 

Governor Ghoul has a Mongomery-Burns-as-Dracula way about him, campaigning as a moderate, governing as the tax-and-spend liberal that he is. He’s tried to raise taxes, strangle business with burdensome regulation, and pilfer individual liberties. He seems to want to take a knife to the Second Amendment, after bruising up the First Amendment. His castle is big government, his life blood is tax revenue. His victim may ultimately prove to be Wisconsin’s robust economy. 

Mark Pocan 

Wisconsin’s answer to no question ever asked, Rep. Mark Pocan never met a big-government idea he didn’t like. The impeachment-loving, Trump-hating Madison liberal is particularly interested in killing the free market through a $30-plus trillion government takeover of private health insurance. The Medicare for All plan would collapse the bloated U.S. debt and bludgeon the U.S. economy. Yep, socialism is scary. 

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  1. William Idzikowski Avatar
    William Idzikowski

    Do you have their pix without masks?

  2. Thomas Charlton Avatar
    Thomas Charlton

    Totally agree with your choices. This list of morons should be a warning to all clear thinking Americans of the danger to our liberty and freedom that they promote on a minute by minute basis. (pavlovs dog).

  3. Susan Avatar

    I think you list is good, but after today’s vote in Congress about the corrupt “impeachment” inquiry, I would suggest we look at our own representatives to see how they voted. Are they for transparency or are they the supporting the corrupt people on this list.

    Some times the scariest are the ones who seem legitimate and behind the scenes are support the Pelosi, Schiff, Squad agenda for IMPEACH at any cost.
    It is so obvious and bad for our country.

  4. Ray Avatar

    “… to unilaterally launch a House inquiry into President Donald Trump.”

    Please. Pelosi isn’t doing this by herself, it’s a careful political triangulation on her part. She realized a long time ago that this would be a doomed endeavor, and had been resisting calls in her party to go this route… up until the momentum was going to have tangible negative impact on her career if she didn’t relent.
    Make no mistake, I have no like for the current Speaker, but she is a shrewd, seasoned politician that knows how to play political chess.

    As for Gov. Evers, c’mon, he’s not scary… Unless an empty suit scares you. What’s scary is the political radicals that surround him in his administration that are telling him what to do.

    I like what you’re putting out here, but leave the sensationalism and exaggeration to the fake news networks, please. The truth is sometimes scary enough that it needs no embellishment.

  5. John Stankevich Avatar

    These are truly scary people who are in the front lines of hoards of other creatures attacking our constitution. The people who really scare me or better, worry me, are the people who finance this crowd. The people on the list are the generals for a higher level of command. Your email newsletter just appeared one day in my inbox without my request. For that I am truly grateful. I just wish it would appear to all those voters who are brainwashed by the Dems like my brother and his wife. Communication is critical. I think Scott Walker lost the election simply because not enough people actually knew the facts about what he accomplished vs what Doyle did (or did not do).

  6. Mark S. Jacobs Avatar
    Mark S. Jacobs

    I was disgusted, yesterday, when I heard Speaker Pelosi touting her belief and respect for our constitution. This is from someone whos’ first act as an elected official was to lie while taking the oath of office. As with almost every liberal, progressive, socialist, elected to serve, she has an agenda to restrict the constitutional rights of the citizens in order to rule. They know that they can’t rule an armed citizenry. I wish there was a legal recourse to strip these people of their office for lying when they take the oath of office.

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