Spotlight: 10 ways Wisconsin’s on the wrong track

By MacIver Institute staff

MADISON — The Evers Administration agencies have released their 2023-25 budget requests and, as expected, they are asking taxpayers, struggling with the highest inflation in over 40 years, to pay more to run government as well. So far, the requests top $7 billion in new spending, much of which was requested by Superintendent of Public Instruction Jill Underly, despite the fact that as of this spring, 83% of the $2.4 billion in federal pandemic funds had not yet been claimed by Wisconsin schools.

It has become popular on the left to say “budgets are value statements” as a means to attack anyone who opposes their tax-and spend-agenda, and as a full-throated defense of dumping funds into the new woke and divisive program du jour.

Budgets are value statements. They measure how much governments value the taxpayer. How much they value the inherent wisdom of smaller government and bigger family budgets. They measure how much we value effectiveness and efficiency. They measure how much we value fundamentals like public safety, a quality education, individual rights, honoring veterans, and the importance of work.

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  1. David Krantz Avatar
    David Krantz

    When evaluating this administration, it must be a heavy lift to narrow the list of failures to just ten.

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