Spotlight: Racine’s ‘partisan’ voting van

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON —  Racine’s “polling booth on wheels” has gotten a lot of mileage since the liberal voting activist group funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dropped a generous “safe election” grant on the city in 2020. The mobile voting unit was designed to cruise on into certain areas of the city and serve as a remote site for early “in-person” voting.

Now the ice cream truck-looking vehicle is at the center of an elections integrity action filed by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty.

The Milwaukee-based civil rights law firm in its complaint  alleges the city’s use of mobile voting sites throughout the community violates state law governing alternate absentee ballot sites. The complaint, filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission Wednesday on behalf of Racine voter Kenneth Brown, urges WEC to direct Racine to comply with state laws that prevent mobile voting sites and ensure the sites selected do not offer a partisan advantage.

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One response to “Spotlight: Racine’s ‘partisan’ voting van”

  1. Ken Avatar

    In response to “Spotlight: Racine’s ‘partisan’ voting van”
    As quoted in the article of August 11, 2022, Abraham Lincoln once said, “A law without enforcement is just a suggestion.”
    It is clear that the city of Racine believes election laws are merely suggestions to be manipulated to advantage Democrats politically. They are not. Like all laws, the election laws must be enforced, or they don’t need to exist at all,” the senator said.
    So where was the enforcement of this so-called law?

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