Stevens Point Rep giddy about attending extreme green summer camp

Katrina Shankland

MADISON — Sounds like liberal state lawmaker Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) experienced a Rocky Mountain high attending a recent Clean Energy indoctrination conference in Breckinridge, Colo.  While it appears no taxpayers were hurt in the making of the Shankland’s green education getaway, she and her left-wing friends are pushing all kinds of carbon-free ideas that would cost consumers a fortune.   The Stevens Point lawmaker boasts that she is the first Wisconsin legislator to attend the Clean Energy Legislative Academy. The green ideas workshop, sponsored by Colorado State University’s Center for the New Energy Economy, is billed as a bipartisan forum. The center is the brainchild of Bill Ritter, a former governor of Colorado and climate change alarmist with a big appetite for carbon taxes. The Democrat has made a comfortable living selling his renewable energy revolution. He’s on a “crusade to fight climate change,” according to one Denver publication.  Shankland seems to see herself in the same green light.  In a recent press release, the lawmaker brags that she has introduced clean energy bills in every session she has served in the Legislature. “I am grateful for this opportunity to delve deeper into renewable energy, energy efficiency, and electric vehicle policy with legislators and experts from across the country,” Shankland said.  The liberal is less interested in a report that shows about a third of the country would have to be littered with wind turbines to begin filling America’s energy needs. A full renewable energy portfolio would also require enough solar panels to cover an area the size of Oregon.  Shankland was excited to share with her academy comrades Gov. Tony Evers’ executive order demanding the establishment of a state energy office with a goal of 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2050. She was not so excited to share how much pursuing such Green New Deal policies would cost. In fact, she didn’t.  We will.  The Institute for Energy Research notes several studies indicate it would cost the United States trillions of dollars to transition to a 100-percent renewable electric system.  Then there are the costs to liberty. Environmentally wacky California passed a law mandating that beginning in 2020, all new homes must be constructed with rooftop solar panels and onsite battery storage, among a long list of new environmental requirements.  Just think what that Green New Deal will do for California’s median-priced home, which hit a record high of nearly $603,000 in April. Suzanne Tegen, Assistant Director for the New Energy Economy told Empower Wisconsin that its foundation picks up the cost for attendees.  In Shankland’s case, the tab was $941 for lodging, $112 for ground transportation, and an additional sum for airfare. To date, 74 legislators, Democrats and Republicans, have attended the conference during its three-year run. Is it costly? Sure. But the return on investment — pliant lawmakers willing to do the bidding of the extreme green team— is priceless.

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  1. ConLawyer.2 Avatar

    “The green ideas workshop” . . . Calls to mind another lefty indoctrination forum: The Children’s Television Workshop. Q: Did they receive poignant observations from a critter in a garbage can? Did they learn how to “Count?” And, were the breeding and nesting grounds of the great yellow Big Bird and the roaming Snuffleofagus preserved?

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