Taking on the liberal education elitist

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON — If leftist state Rep. Lee Snodgrass offered a glimpse into the elitist thinking of the left, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Superintendent Jill Underly provided a panoramic view.

Snodgrass (D-Appleton), who also serves as vice chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, rightly took a lot of heat last week after attacking on Twitter parents who “want to ‘have a say’ in their child’s education.” She quickly deleted the tweet. But Snodgrass’ “apology” for her tone deaf tweet wasn’t much of an apology. She said the tweet was “lacking in nuance and easily misinterpreted.” That’s the snotty liberal way of saying, “I got caught telling my voters what I really think of them.”

Gov. Tony Evers wanted nothing to do with the tweet. He saw what happened to his pal Terry McCauliffe after the Virginia Democratic candidate for governor said he didn’t think “parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”  McCauliffe lost to Republican Glenn Youngkin, who believes parents do have that right.

Evers quickly disagreed with Snodgrass.

“Parents are the first and best teachers our kids have, and we know parent involvement in their kids’ education is critical to ensuring every student’s success,” he said.

What a phony. The governor who as DPI superintendent spent a decade forcing centralized leftist curriculum and training on Wisconsin school district is suddenly standing up for parents’ rights?  Most recently, he vetoed a bill that would ban radical critical race theory indoctrination in public schools, standing against parents statewide who oppose liberal politics masquerading as education in their children’s classrooms.

Which brings us to the DPI superintendent du jour.

Underly, a bought-and-paid-for stooge of Wisconsin’s teachers unions, doubled down on Snodgrass’ snide tweet in “An open letter to families and educators.” The liberal educrat says she knows what it means to be involved in her children’s education. She blames politicians (Republicans) for talking about parental involvement. More so, she blames parents who don’t agree with her.

“Family engagement isn’t about yelling at school staff or suing your school board if they don’t do exactly as you demand. It’s also not asking caregivers to homeschool or pay for private tuition if they feel unheard or unseen,” Underly writes.

And, like the educrat elitist she is, she proceeds to explain to families what family engagement is. “Family engagement is about having a real conversation about – and with – our children.” It’s about building relationships and reaching out to teachers when needed, Underly informs us.

Underly insists she knows better. She knows what those wicked politicians “mean when they talk about parental rights when it comes to children’s education.”

“Rather, they’re talking about micromanaging curriculum and preying on our parental emotions during a traumatic time, all with the ulterior motive of placing suspicion on educators by weaponizing lessons about difficult topics, or by placing blame on schools for a pandemic they did not cause but are nonetheless supporting our children through,” Underly lectures.

Those politicians, by the way, have children in schools, too. They, like a lot of parents, have had their eyes opened wide during the pandemic on what their kids are — and aren’t — learning in their schools. They’re mad as hell, quite frankly, and they’re not going to take it anymore. More so, they don’t believe they should be paying for it anymore.

Underly then preys upon her fellow educators’ emotions, asserting “this isn’t the first time that politicians in this state have gone after teachers.”

As a former civics teacher, Underly says she knows that teaching the history of the United States of America cannot be done without “tackling difficult topics.”

“Families know this and support these opportunities for our schools to engage our children to become critical thinkers and critical consumers of information. We want our students to grow up and be active participants in democracy, and that means they need to know how to examine their past, think critically about their present, and make informed decisions about their future.”

Do they need to “know” that they’re either white supremacists or perpetual victims of white supremacy? Because that’s what many public schools, with the help of critical race theory, “anti-racism” and other leftist dogma are teaching our children. It’s a racist and fundamentally flawed lesson plan. It’s the real politics of division in the classroom, and it’s what so many Wisconsin families are fighting against.

Parents don’t just ‘want a say” in their children’s education. They demand it because they have every right to demand it.

They’re waking up. And liberal education elites like Jill Underly and Lee Snodgrass are desperate to silence what is becoming a sweeping parental rights revolution nationwide.

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