The demise of Nancy Pelosi’s party

Empower Wisconsin | Feb. 6,  2020 

By Terrence Wall 

MIDDLETON, Wis. — The petulance of the left was summed up Tuesday night by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s childish act.

Terrence Wall

After President Trump closed his State of the Union address, Pelosi tore up her copy of the speech. She told Fox News that “it was the courteous thing to do, considering the alternatives.” Such behavior constitutes “courteous” for the uncivil left, which, on cue, applauded the Speaker’s temper-tantrum, mistaking it for “passion.” 

It was the end of a very long and bad day for Pelosi and crew, which marked the dismantling of The Democracy as a serious party. 

Trump’s State of the Union speech, the best I’ve heard, was everything the Democratic Party is not: upbeat, hopeful, visionary, bold. The frustration on the faces of Pelosi and crew was palpable. They have met their match in a president who — above all his kept promises  — has truly put America first. 

Trump has accomplished so much, in so little time, in spite of insane opposition from his political enemies. That includes those inside the government who have abused their power in their relentless quest to take down a duly elected president. And they have failed at every turn, including in their desperate and politically transparent impeachment drive. 

They can’t even get their presidential candidate selection process right, as the disaster in Iowa proved. Part of the problem with the Iowa Caucus ‘accuracy’ issues had more to do with the stunning results of former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s win. It so stunned Democratic Party leaders that they felt they had to re-check the results — over and over again. Pete’s not the DNC’s guy. Neither is Bernie Sanders. We learned that in the party’s rigged 2016 delegate chase, and it looks like it’s happening again. Bernie’s faithful know it all too well. 

And that’s the difference between all that Donald Trump has accomplished in three-plus years and the failure that has filled those days for Democrats. When your only policy ideas are hatred and resistance, you don’t have much to campaign on. And that’s the ultimate failure of Pelosi’s petulant party. 

Terrence Wall is a developer & owner of the T. Wall companies. He previously ran for the U.S. Senate.

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