The real State of the State under Tony Evers

Empower Wisconsin | Feb. 15,  2022

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers is set to deliver his latest State of the State address tonight before the Wisconsin Legislature and top state government officials. Expect more revisionist history from a tax-and-spend Democrat whose liberal policies set the Badger State back even farther during the second year of the pandemic.

Evers will surely boast about the state’s rosy budget picture, bolstered by a projected $3.8 billion surplus. The governor will again falsely take credit.

What he won’t say is the positive balance sheet has nothing to do with his “management” of the state’s finances. It’s the result of unprecedented and reckless federal spending in COVID relief aid and the Republican-controlled Legislature checking Evers’ excessive spending impulses.

Missing from the glowing state of the state speech will be some key details, like:

› Evers proposed more than $1 billion in tax increases in his latest budget plan.

› Evers would have significantly raised taxes on Wisconsin manufacturers.

› Evers attempted to massively expand government and spending in his budget proposal.

› Evers signed a budget re-written by the Republican Legislature that included $2 billion in income tax cuts.

The governor may make mention of the frightening rise in violent crime. But he probably won’t tell you that he has endorsed the kind of liberal policies that have cheaply released career violent criminals back out on the streets to commit more violent crimes. He won’t note that his latest budget proposal sought to end punishment for felony bail-jumping or that he’s stood with the same radical activists calling for defunding the police.

And Evers will surely boast about all the good things he’s doing with the billions of dollars in federal taxpayer-funded COVID relief he has near-absolute power over. But he’ll fail to note that he’s been using the cash as a kind of re-election campaign slush fund, richly rewarding liberal groups he’ll need to turn out voters for him in November. And he’ll skip over the damage he did with his crippling and unnecessary lockdown orders that shut down businesses, some forever, and sent hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites through his dysfunctional unemployment offices. 

The state of the state under Tony Evers is one of growing anxiety that the worst is not behind us because the state is led by a governor who has repeatedly failed to put the people of Wisconsin before his brand of partisan politics.

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