Tomahawk school leaders play hardball with mask-protesting students

MADISON — Dozens of students in the Tomahawk School District are looking at truancy citations after walking out of classes last week in a protest against the school system’s stringent mask policy.

Tomahawk Police Chief Al Elvins tells Empower Wisconsin the students will be cited, at the district’s request, and they will each face a $98.60 fine.

The demonstrations began on Monday, May 3, with several students who demanded the district end its mandatory mask policy on school property. On Wednesday, approximately 50 students walked out after they were dissatisfied with what sources say was a fruitless meeting with administration.

Ryan Hawley’s high school son walked out the first day of the protests, what was billed as a “No Mask Monday.” The small group of students was met by the school resource officer who told them to put their masks on and go back to class. All but two complied.

“They were told, ‘Either you can put your mask on or go home.’ One of them was my son. He was sent home at 8:30 a.m.,” Hawley said.

Hawley, like several other parents in the district, stood behind their children’s cause.

More students joined the demonstration on Tuesday, with a half dozen or so being sent home, Hawley and other parents said. They said Tomahawk administrators have been unyielding on the mask policy and have refused to listen to opponents.

The protest grew on Wednesday, after a meeting in which high school students were given 20 minutes to state their case. After the meeting wrapped up, students were told to put their masks on and head back to class.

“The whole point of the meeting was so we could show our input and our opinions and they completely threw that away and made us put masks on right after the meeting,” John Hawley, Ryan Hawley’s son, told WJFW-TV in Rhinelander. The student’s sister, who also goes to Tomahawk High, and his middle school brother also joined the demonstration.

Several parents said school officials threatened to have the demonstrators arrested or get social services involved.

“The high school charged all the kids with truancy even though parents had called in to excuse their children’s absences,” Ryan Hawley said. “They were just being difficult and wanted to make an example out of the kids standing up for their First Amendment rights.”

Some students continued to protest Thursday and Friday. The demonstrations have stopped after the Tomahawk School Board put the mask policy on tonight’s agenda. The meeting is scheduled to be held virtually.

District officials in recent weeks shut down a school board meeting after several residents showed up without face coverings. Several sources say a school administrator called the police and threatened to have anyone not wearing a mask arrested.

Elvins, the police chief, confirmed as much.

“I was at home. He called me and asked for guidance,” Elvins said. “I said, ‘It’s a public meeting, open to the public. We are not enforcing people not wearing a mask. There was no crime committed. Now, if there had been disorderly conduct, that would have been a different situation. It’s not going to be used as an intimidation device.”

The police chief and others say the crowd left peacefully after the board cancelled the meeting. The meeting subsequently was held virtually.

Resistance to local mask orders appear to be on the rise, after the state Supreme Court struck down Gov. Tony Evers’ statewide mask mandate last month and as cases of COVID-19 continue to fall.

Medford High School students walked out of class last month to protest compulsory face masks in school.

As Empower Wisconsin first reported last week, police officers dragged out a man who refused to wear a mask at a Cumberland School Board meeting. In Waukesha County, local officials have eased up on their quarantine rules in response to growing opposition.

Terry Reynolds, Tomahawk’s superintendent, did not return a phone message seeking comment.

He did tell the Rhinelander TV station that Tomahawk schools follow Center for Disease Control and Prevention, state Department of Health Services and local health recommendations. “(T)hey have indicated that [masks] provide the best opportunity to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our building.”

As of May 3, the most recent data available, Lincoln County (where Tomahawk is located) reported 22 active cases.

“This whole thing has gotten out of hand, and for what?” Ryan Hawley said, adding that he is “sad and sickened” by what he and other Tomahawk parents see as an abuse of power by school officials.

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  1. barb S. Avatar
    barb S.

    We need to listen to students and policies of the court. No mask mandated.

  2. Dave Avatar

    …and yet the people keep handing more and more power to the czars…and then wonder how this happened…

  3. Francis D Nadosy Avatar
    Francis D Nadosy

    Enjoy the ride — you voted these weak knee, sheep into office and are now cracking the whip on all taxpayers. 3.5 more years of fun!!!!!

  4. Patricia Fox Avatar
    Patricia Fox

    Truly sickens me that schools are mandating mask wearing when masks are proven to be harmful. They should be teaching them how to build up their immune system.

  5. Harold Wilkes Avatar
    Harold Wilkes

    Demi-gods are not allowed to make the rules according to their own whims. The state has over-ridden the diktat of the big dog and that is now the law of the land. The board should be removed.

  6. Rob C Avatar
    Rob C

    Oh! Follow the science right? Well science proves masks 😷 do absolutely nothing in preventing any spread of viruses. It’s stated directly on the packaging! This is causing respiratory illnesses and must STOP!

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